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What is your opinion on MH right now?

  • Its fun! I grind a lot!
  • Sure I guess its ok I play sometimes
  • Nah I don't play much maybe only if there is an update
  • I used to play but now its dead game
  • Last time I played was a century ago....
  • Huh? Umm...That name..sounds familiar..
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Can't figure out how to rebirth??/What is RP used for?

I have been searching all day trying to figure out how you rebirth. Have found tons of info on rebirthing strategies, but can't find how to actually rebirth. Is it possible on the Xbox??

Also, have been collecting RP for 3 days, what is it used for and or how do you use it?

Thanks for any info.

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Who thinks Berezaa should stop teasing things until it's ready?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Idrc
  • What is miners haven?
  • You suck
  • I luv berezaa
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When you make a submission do you have to script the parts?

I recently made one but don't know if you have to script the conveyor and upgrader.
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Help me Rebirth Pls Help me

Droppers: Yunium Mine, Sym Mine, Scorpium Mine, Boomite Mine

Furnaces: D Fright, Natures Grip

Upgraders: D Blaster (1x), A Temple (2x), ClockWork (1x), Big Bad Blaster (2x), Wild Spore (3x), Catalyst (3x),
Ore Illumiator (5x), LIghtningbolt refiner (1x), Big Bertha(1x), Ore Negator(1x)
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lol shout out to yall who keep working on this wiki even if ber hasnt updated his game in, two months now, i think? despite the teasers
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Aight so on the wiki it says book of knowledge is sac proof. Now idk if this is a mistake but i was s-2400 when i got the BoK, used it for a few rebirths, then i preformed the second sacrificd. However i did not recieve it upon reaching S+100, nor S+1000. I may just be an idiot and a gullible player for believing wiki and other players who told me it was sac proof. So if it really isnt sac proof please fix the wiki. If it is.. then help? ;^;

Picture is proof i had it before second sac for all you non believers
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DB explosion chance

Can someone tell me the explosion chance of DB in percentage pls?
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Anudder glitcher
Gyazo Gyazo
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Reborn fusion rework

Which reborn fusion would you guys like to rework?
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I found these numbers in the submissions vault and i don't know what to do with them. i looked on google and no results popped up. you think this is anything? is this already solved? there is also a pattern on one of the buildings. help?
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Lost Final upgrader

when I did rebirth, there was a bug, there was no menu from the left, I re-entered the game, rebirth to me was not credited, I made another rebirth, but could not load layout, restarted the game again, the rebirth counted but disappeared Final upgrader and several reborn items. Сan I somehow restore the lost or is it forever?
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Raging to get TOD

The best I got with star loop was DTG. Can someone suggest better ways? (Btw I'm life S+1847 and I never got TOD)
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Masked man Question

Does the masked man appear on solo islands??
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For a Point Badge

We all know you need points to have all items but after that ?

The game need a 1M points badge !

If you agree that upvote and do your best to let Berezaa know it !
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Does anyone know how skipping lives exactly works?

Like how much more money exactly do I need above my rebirth price to skip one life? Two? Ten? and so on, I searched the Wikia but I could not find it so if anyone knows please tell me.
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