"Aww its an adowable undead guardian!!!! I bet it would never hurt a living thing :("


The Adowable Guardian is a Vintage-tier item that spawns a special Zombie at your base (nicknamed "Zwambie") that explodes on touch with anyone not on your friends list, killing them instantly. The Zwambie also looks quite cute, tricking new players into thinking it is harmless. This cute zombie has the ability to leap walls completely and effortlessly to find new friends to 'hug'.


  • They can explode if they touch Attack Doges, killing themselves in the process.
  • Like the Undead Guardian, it can be infused.
  • The Zwambie can be immune to its own explosion if it is infused with a Righteous Will.
  • Like the Undead Guardian, when the Adowable Guardian is placed, after about a second of it being placed, it makes the sound of the Happy Mask Salesman from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask (although a bit higher pitched).