"A more advanced furnace which adds 50% to the final value of ores."


The Advanced Furnace is a Common-tier furnace. It has the exact same design as a Basic Furnace, except for the two platforms on its sides, allowing ore to be accepted from only two sides, instead of four sides.


  • The Advanced Furnace became the cheapest regular furnace in Miner's Haven after Basic Furnace. Before the update, it used to be the Ore Incinerator.
  • This item was created by OutOfOrderFoxy, and it makes by far the weakest shop submission item in Miner's Haven, in terms of power.
  • When it was originally released, it didn't have a working image. This has since been fixed.
  • The submission model for the item itself had a cyan furnace and "tube" glass, while the current model has a reddish tint for the parts instead.

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