"A more advanced version of the ore scanner that gives bigger upgrades. Does not stack with other scanner items." (CURRENT DESCRIPTION)
"A super advanced scanner that has no limits when upgrading ore, except that it can only scan an ore once." (OLD DESCRIPTION)
"A super advanced scanner that triples the value of any ore that is successfully scanned, with no limit." (FIRST DESCRIPTION)


The Advanced Ore Scanner is a Super Rare-tier upgrader that upgrades ore value by 400% (4x multiplier). This scanner is the second of four ore scanners.

The other three scanners are Ore Scanner, Flaming Ore Scanner and Twitch Scanner. This scanner cannot be used with any other scanner without a Tesla Resetter, and vice versa for them.


  • This item used to be Legendary-tier until it was changed to Super Rare. Refer to Item Tiers.
  • This is commonly used in end-game setups as a substitute for the more expensive Flaming Ore Scanner until players can afford it.
  • In the 100M Visits update, this item got buffed from x3 to x4.