"Keep those baddies out with higher walls and cover for you to shoot at your enemies!"


The Advanced Wall was a special wall only obtainable by redeeming the code Twen1yK4y. The code has since expired and the Advanced Wall is unobtainable.

The Advanced Wall is like any other wall, except it has team-colored parts on it and glows in the dark, lighting up a small area around it. This makes it a good choice for making bases.


  • The Advanced Wall has tiny prongs coming out from the back of it, making it unreliable to use as a very large conveyor wall.
  • You would get 4 of these by redeeming the code Twen1yK4y along with 10 Ancient Conveyors.
  • This, the Ancient Conveyor, and the Berezaa Games Wall are the only Epic-tier items to be reborn-proof

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