"A mighty powerful furnace which processes ores at x90. Puts up a barrier between ores to recharge."


The Aether Refiner is a Reborn-tier furnace that processes ores at x90 their value. However, its blue barrier becomes red for 5 seconds, blocking off incoming ore. After 5 seconds, its barrier will become blue again, signalling that it can process ores again.


  • The Aether Refiner has similar colors to Freon Upgraders (Freon-Blast Upgrader, Freon Suppressor, Freon Sprayer) even though they have no relationship whatsoever.
  • This item is obtained at Life 50+, the same with Atomium Mine.
    • Even though it is obtainable at Life 50+, the Aether Refiner is fairly rare.
  • The barrier after processing ore is solid, and can be stood on.
  • This item combined with a Freon Sprayer (to save burning ores) is, in terms of space usage and ore value multiplier, a straight upgrade to the Sword Master's Spirit.
  • This is the second furnace to not accept ore when another ore is being processed, the first being the Eternal Journey.
  • Despite its name, it's a furnace, not an upgrader.

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