"The fusion of precision and randomness, offers amazing possibilities but only for one ore at a time."


The Aether Schrodinger is a Reborn Fusion-tier upgrader on Miner's Haven. It has similar stats to the Gamblers upgraders (Schrodinger's Evaluator, Gate of Eclipse, etc.) as it has a randomized effect to each ore, but there's a twist from the Aether Refiner's side: it puts up a barrier at the back end to temporarily block incoming ore for 1 second (the Aether Refiner's barrier lasts for 5 seconds). Since the barrier is activated at the back end of the item, grouping up ore together can allow multiple ore to be upgraded at once, contrary to what the description states.


The possible upgrades of the Aether Schrodinger are:

  • Multiply ore value by 3.5x. (45%)
  • Multiply ore value by 4x. (5%)
  • Multiply ore value by 7x. (5%)
  • Multiply ore value by 12x (addition of red sparkles). (5%)
  • Add $10T to ore value. (5%)
  • Set ore value to -$1k. (5%)
  • Explode ore (ore value not affected). (5%)
  • The disappearance of ore. (25%)


When the Aether Schrodinger denies ores blue flames appear on its side showing resemblance to the Flaming Schrodinger Evaluator. It also has a few parts and textures added to show the influence of the Aether Refiner.


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