"This strange alien relic now powers a unique upgrader which seems to de-age ore."


The Alien Relic is a Contraband-tier item sold by the Masked Man. This item (along with the Chemical Refiner) was released on June 2, 2016. This item was first sold on June 3rd, 2016 from the Masked Man. It is not reborn proof and is most recommended for players on their 1st life. It can however also be used in True Overlord Device setups if one's setup is lacking in power.


  • Using the upgrader followed by a Big Bertha will allow for a safe way to launch ores into the upgrader without fail, similar to the Ore Transistor as it has high conveyor speed.
  • When the Alien Relic was released, the conveyor was in-between 2 units instead of being aligned with 1, disallowing ores from entering. The upgrade beams were also collidable. These 2 building mistakes were patched in the 1st anniversary of Miner's Haven.
  • Alien Relic is one of few way-up-high upgraders to be bigger than 2x2 units. Other examples include the Ore Transistor, The Beehive, and the Diamond Egg.
  • The Alien Relic counts as an upgrader. In fact, it has its own tag that it adds to ore. Alien Relic gives a 400% value increase to any ore and works only once unless a Tesla and/or a Ultimate sacrifice/Final Upgrader is used. 
  • Although unnoticable this item removes 0.05 refectancy from any ores that pass through it.
  • The Alien Relic was buffed from the previous upgrade of x1.9 to x4 in the 100 Million Visit Celebration Update.