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"A friend of berezaa's, Aman stands in place and is always looking around at your stuff.... watching."


Aman the Survivor is a Legendary-tier decoration item costing $957Qn when bought in the shop.

The NPC named "Aman" is wearing camo pants and has a yellow shirt with holes in it. He holds a torch, is bald and has the face from the ROBLOX Bighead Hat with the mouth flipped.


  • Aman the Survivor previously cost $355k before being changed to Divine, then Legendary.
  • His original description was "A useless hobo who just stands there doing nothing."
  • When the price of this item jumped from $355k to $957Qn, several rebirths followed.
  • The name had a typo: 'Survivior.'
  • In the image, the torch in his hand is not visible.
  • If you get this item from boxes you can instantly rebirth if your rebirth is under 287Qn.
  • Aman The Survivor has had the highest value increase since the game began.

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