"The ancient enlightened people hated randomness. This powerful evolved item builds upon the math of its predecessor ."


The Ancient Coliseum is the Evolved successor of the Ancient Temple.

It functions very similar to its unevolved counterpart, doing an additional 4x to the original multiplier of x1 to x6, resulting in x4 to x24. It also takes up a larger space.

In reality, it takes the value of an ore, divides it by 7, and uses the remainder as the multiplier. If the ore value is divisible by 7, the multiplier becomes 0. To combat this, the multiplier is set to 1 instead of 0. The additional 4x is applied before the multiplier is set to 1, so it will still only do x1 and not x4 for ores that have their value divisible by 7.

This upgrader only works once, unless used with a Tesla Resetter, Tesla Refuter, The Ultimate Sacrifice, and The Final Upgrader.

This item is currently bugged. For any ore worth at least 1qd it will assume their ore value is divisible by 7. The reason is the script failing to find the remainder of such high value ore (some Lua limitation). Therefore it only does x1 for any ores worth at least 1qd.


  • The Ancient Coliseum has all of its pillar's slanted outward (from the upgrade beam) compared to its predecessor, having a pair of its pillar's slanted inward.
  • Before 4/20/18, this and the Ancient Temple could multiply ore value by 0.
  • Because of the bug described above, this and Ancient Temple will only do x1 in any endgame setups. They are practically useless for any high-life player and should be remade since the bug probably cannot be fixed (it's a problem with Lua).