"An ancient conveyor with strange markings on the side... has very tall walls and works faster than regular conveyors."


The Ancient Conveyor is a Twitter-exclusive conveyor that you can only obtain from codes. These codes usually give around 15 conveyors. This conveyor is known for having a fast conveyor with high walls. The symbol on the walls is the Twitter logo which can be difficult to view most of the time due to the lack of contrast in the background.

Codes for the Ancient Conveyor

Date Code

Conveyors Given

Code Active?
06/17/2015 H4v3nF0rTheF4m 15 No
05/27/2016 HereyaGo 30 No
06/03/2016 AncientFun 10 No
10/09/2016 HERE YA GO BOIS 1 No
11/25/2016 FRIDAYYBLACK 9 No

Without using the duplication bug, the maximum amount of Ancient Conveyors you can obtain (assuming if you redeemed all five limited-time codes) is 55.


  • The Ancient Conveyor, Heavenly Conveyor and Discord Conveyor are/were the only three conveyors in Miner's Haven with special designs/themes, and the only conveyors that are Code-Exclusive.
  • This was previously an Epic-tier conveyor and at the time the only reborn-proof Epic-tier conveyor.

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