"Applies ancient math to ore, changing their value only once in a mysterious but nonrandom way."


The Ancient Temple is a Reborn-tier item that came out on June 2nd. It has the 2nd most complicated effect out of all items in Miner's Haven, the 1st being the SpookLord-95,000. When it was first released, Berezaa offered 5k R$ to the first user that could figure out the effects of the item. This item was submitted with the name: Greek Purifier


When ores enter the Ancient Temple, the upgrader finds the overvalue and divides it by 7. It would then multiply the orevalue based on the remainder of the process (from x0-x6). If the remainder is a decimal then it would be rounded to the nearest whole number.

One example would be 6 divided by 7. The remainder would be 6 as 7 goes into 6 zero whole times. Another example would be 255 divided by 7; 7 can go into 255 thirty-six whole times with a remainder of 3. The ore value, in that case, would be tripled.

If the overvalue was divisible by 7 then the remainder would be zero. Hence, the ore value would be multiplied by 0, making the ore worthless.

There currently is a bug where high value ores have a very high chance to get multiplied by 0.

Pro Tips

The Ancient Temple is not an impressive upgrader by itself post-nerf. Due to the game's use of Cash Suffixes, it is hard to detect which numbers are actually divisible by 7, and all of your ores could end up worthless.

The way that Ancient Temple multiplies ores with random overvalue (Newtonium, Atomium, etc.) can be very unpredictable. It would help to use mines with a fixed ore value instead, like Remote Ambrosia Mine and upgraders that increase ore value by a fixed amount like Cursed Ore Purifier or Fine-Point Upgrader so that the ore value isn't divisible by 7.


  • This is the only upgrader that is able to make your ores' values go to $0 without the assistance of other upgraders.
  • This upgrader had some negative attention because it used to break money and had a value limit, which is why most players don't use this reborn item.
  • This item used to use Lua's modulus operator which is broken. The modulus operator gets the remainder from the division, but it is doing something really weird under the hood. This resulted in people getting huge multipliers when over around $10qd on occasion. The multipliers would usually be around oreValue / 2^53, or oreValue / 1e15. Thus, the higher the input ore value was, the higher the multiplier was.
  • The Ancient Temple was an item used to "break" your cash prefix, appearing with a number and then an endless decimal. (The glitch is now fixed.)

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