"Fill the Assembly Unit with Hyper Ore to create a Hyper Ignition Fuse. Hyper Ore must go through an upgrader before being dumped."


The Assembly Unit is a unique furnace that only accepts upgraded ore from the Hyper Mine; anything else and the ore is simply destroyed. The player can receive money by clicking the orb once it becomes neon; this shows that the Assembly Unit is full.

The Assembly Unit takes 200 upgraded Hyper ore until it becomes full and creates a Hyper Ignition fuse, at which point the player can click the orb. This will award them a badge for creating the fuse, the money that the orb contained, and a new collectible to keep; albeit useless. When upgraded Hyper Ore goes into it, a white "liquid" can be seen slowly rising for each ore. It's really only good for low lifers, as it's very hard to even reach a billion per fuse with this item.