"Sends a signal into time to upgrade ore some time in the future. Can only be used once"


The Astral Predicter is a Reborn tier upgrader that was released on August 7th, 2016. It was first unveiled on Berezaa's Twitter and his website.

The Astral Predictor is an upgrader that resembles a nonphysical realm with a psychic phenomenon from the floating islands. In addition, one of the islands has a satellite which is probably used to predict the movement of the stars or in this case, the time to upgrade.


  • Place this at the start of your long setup for a higher chance to upgrade ore before it is processed. This is because of the lengthy time it takes to upgrade ore.
  • You can place a Reversible Conveyor to stop the ore until you are sure the ore is upgraded, but sometimes the ore will take up to two minutes (max) to upgrade.
  • This is helpful to place at the beginning of loops.


  • This is the second upgrader in Miner's Haven that does not upgrade ore immediately upon touch, but instead upgrades ore ranging from 5 seconds to 2 minutes, according to the Miner's Haven Changelog. The first being Ore Illuminator.
  • You can use a Tesla Resetter to wipe out the tag and the ore will still receive the future upgrade, Berezaa claims.  
  • Like the Quantum Ore Cleaner, only the middle upgrader is used. 
  • Like other items, Berezaa misspelled the title. In this case, "Predictor" was spelled wrong, and spelled it as "Predicter.
  • When you place this down, the satellite will not appear. 

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