"Sends a signal into time to upgrade ore some time in the future. Can only be used once"


The Astral Predicter is a Reborn-tier upgrader that was released on August 7th, 2016. It was first unveiled on Berezaa's Twitter and his website.

The Astral Predicter is an upgrader that resembles a nonphysical realm with a psychic phenomenon from the floating islands. In addition, one of the islands has a satellite which is probably used to predict the movement of the stars or in this case, the time to upgrade.


  • Place this at the start of your long setup for a higher chance to upgrade ore before it is processed. This is because of the lengthy time it takes to upgrade ore.
  • You can place a Reversible Conveyor ore an Ore Gate to stop the ore until you are sure the ore is upgraded, but sometimes the ore will take up to two minutes (max) to upgrade.
  • This is helpful to place at the beginning of loops.


  • This is the second upgrader in Miner's Haven that does not upgrade ore immediately upon touch, but instead upgrades ore ranging from 5 seconds to 2 minutes, according to the Miner's Haven Changelog. The first being Ore Illuminator.
  • You can use a Tesla Resetter to wipe out the tag and the ore will still receive the future upgrade, Berezaa claims.  
  • Like the Quantum Ore Cleaner, only the middle upgrader is used. 
  • Like other items, Berezaa misspelled the title. In this case, "Predictor" was spelled wrong, and spelled it as "Predicter.
  • When you place this down, the satellite will not appear. 
  • Only the middle upgrader will activate. The other two upgraders do nothing.