"Uses unexplainable science (basically magic) to super-size a single atom and farm it for super powerful ore."


The Atomium Mine is a Reborn-tier mine. This dropper was released on April 7th, 2016. Like the Newtonium Mine, the Atomium Mine does not work with any Cell Furnaces, except the Blind Justice. It is one of the most powerful droppers in the game. When the Atomium Mine was first released, its ore was purposely made unable to go up Conveyor Ramps. This was later changed in the 2.1.6 update.


  • It's the first mine in Miner's Haven that requires life 50 or higher to acquire.
  • Despite the Blind Justice accepting Atomium ores and ores upgraded by a Gate of Eclipse, Blind Justice will not accept Atomium ores upgraded by Gate of Eclipse unless Alien Relic is used twice.
  • This was most likely designed to trump the Newtonium Mine.
  • The atom inside the Atomium Mine seems to represent the nucleus of a lithium-6 (6Li) isotope of the lithium atom. This may just be a coincidence or it may be linked to lithium batteries.
  • Berezaa stated the Symmetrium Mine trumps this item.
  • Sometimes large amounts of ore stick together upon being spawned, causing clogging to be frequent and taking up ore limit.
  • This can be considered better than the Newtonium Mine as it has a faster drop rate, smaller size, and a higher ore value. Arguably, the Newtonium Mine does not clog ores as frequently as the Atomium Mine, and has a resistance to explosions.
  • This has a faster drop rate than a Spitfire Iron Mine, because 6 ore every 2 seconds is 0.33 per second, but Atomium Mine produces ore every 0.3 seconds. Though note, this does not work with cells except for Blind Justice.
  • In the rebirth shout, obtaining this will display the message "<PlayerName> Has been born into their <LifeNo.> life with a Atomium Mine" , which is grammatically incorrect; using " 'a' instead of 'an'.