The Attack Doge is an Included ROBLOX Gear that can be bought from either the catalog or from owning the VIP Mining Gamepass. The Attack Doge is a gear inspired by the doge meme which became a popular trend on ROBLOX. The Attack Doge is known after the Noobcaik, to be considered the second most annoying gear added to Miner's Haven.

By holding the Attack Doge in your hand, a doge will spawn with pop up words in different colors related to ROBLOX. If a player clicks a position close by, the doge will move to that area. If the player moves away from the doge, the doge will follow its master. The Attack Doge will "attack" or bark at a player whom the user targets. The Attack Doge has no other use other then for trolling friends or players.


  • The Attack Doge was once used to jump over walls
  • The Attack Doge can no longer be duplicated from resetting and dropping it again, as this was removed due to a duplication glitch.
  • This is one of the six doge items in Miner's Haven.
  • This pet is extremly laggy. It sometimes gets stuck in a single spot until user respawns it.