"A gentle breeze blows through the air, knocking down the leaves of a magical tree. Ore that comes into contact with a leaf is upgraded by 50%. Multiple leaves can stack"


The Autumn Breeze is an Exotic-tier dropper added during Fall of 2016. It drops ores worth $0. To make up for this, the leaves count as upgraders, and ore that comes in contact with the leaves is upgraded by 50% up to eight times. The leaves can be destroyed by an Ore Pulsar, Ore Quasar or Ore Nebula.


  • The Autumn Breeze is the 2nd dropper in Miner's Haven capable of upgrading other ores (Santa's Workshop being the first by dropping presents as upgraders. Symmetrium Mine and 'Ol Faithful only upgrade their own ores, and Hades' Fang is upgraded by other ores).
  • The leaves are based from that of Dreamer's Fright, and can be destroyed via pulsar or quasar (AKA every time the Autumn Breeze drops its ore, 1 leaf block disappears). The leaves can be retrieved by replacing the Autumn Breeze.
  • The Autumn Breeze is one of few droppers in Miner's Haven to have a special effect. Others include the Hades' Fang and 'Ol Faithful.
  • The Autumn Breeze stops working when the leaves are gone, and must be replaced.
  • Sometimes if an ore is going too fast, the ore will hit the leaves but won't do anything.
  • The back of the Autumn Breeze Hitbox can glitch through Raised Shielded Conveyors.
  • This mine and the Hades' Fang can be used an infinite amount of cash, and to get low lifers the True Overlord Device.
  • Placing this in the middle of a setup can upgrade other ores up to 25 times.