"Powered by stone from the legendary Azure Mines, this relic upgrades pure ore by x4."


The Azure Refiner is a Reborn-tier item that processes only 'pure' ores by x4 their value. This means that if the ore is on fire, sparkling or with any effects, it will be destroyed. It is recommended to place this item before Schrodingers or after the Tesla Resetter. If upgraded by an Azure Refiner it cannot be upgraded by another one without a Tesla Resetter.


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    The Azure Refiner is the first item to be based off Berezaa's other game, Azure Mines, the second being The Dragonglass Mine.
  • This item destroys flaming ore such as the Symmetrium Mine ores and Boomite Mine ores. Unless the ore goes through an upgrader that takes off ore status effects (Wild Spore, etc.).
  • The conveyor of the Azure Refiner is a little lower than the normal conveyor meaning that a conveyor has to be placed forward before making a turn left or a turn right, as well as preventing from putting a Centering Conveyor after it.
  • A fusion of the Azure Refiner and Wild Spore is known as the Azure Spore, it was released in The Ultimate Update.
  • There was a placing glitch in 2016. (see image below)