"An item which turns ores from droppers into cash. Use conveyor belts or place droppers right over it to start making money!"


The Basic Furnace is a Common-tier furnace. You receive it when you either join Miner's Haven for the first time or after you rebirth. You will also receive 3 Basic Iron Mines and 10 Basic Conveyors along with this item after rebirthing. The Basic Furnace is used to start off in the game. The Basic Furnace is generally considered to be second worst furnace in Miner's Haven next to THE UNDERTAKER.


  • All Teleporter Senders are recolors of the Basic Furnace.
  • On April 7th, 2016, Berezaa added the Advanced Furnace, a furnace with the exact same design but with platforms on 2 of its sides.
  • Many players use the Basic Furnace to check orevalue when they don't have the Ore Tracker/Premium Tracker. However, this can be risky, as they don't know its value, and there's the possibility that high-value ore can go to waste.
  • On November 20th 2016, Berezaa created the Yuge Furnace, a item based off the basic furnace, after an outro on one of his Twitch Streams.

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