"A miner's first best friend! Place this down to start making money." (CURRENT DESCRIPTION)
"A miner's first best friend! Put the miner over a furnace or a conveyor leading up to furnace to start making money" (OLD DESCRIPTION)


The Basic Iron Mine is a Common-tier mine. It is one of the starter items that new Miner's Haven players obtain upon joining. This mine has the most basic design. Players receive three of them when they start the game or Rebirth.


  • The Basic Iron Mine is the first item to be added to Miner's Haven, the ItemID being 1.
  • The Basic Iron Mine is the mine with the most item sub-variants (8), those variants being the Crucible Iron Mine, the Spitfire Iron Mine, the Remote Iron Mine, the Iron Excavator, the Massive Iron Mine, the Yuge Iron Mine, the Tiny Iron Mine, and the Iron Mine-Chan.
  • Using only one set of Basic Iron Mine and Basic Furnace in your base, It would take 16.6 Minutes to earn a value of 1 thousand in cash, 11.57 Days to earn a value of 1 million in cash and 31.7 Years to earn a value of 1 billion in cash. To rebirth for the first time (costing 25 quintillions in cash), it would take 792.7 billion years; Roughly 57.86 times the current age of the universe.
  • It has been noted that the 'Ol Faithful is similar in appearance to this mine, but with added decorations. Along with that, you can use the 'Ol Faithful with the Steel Refinery to make steel.
  • Berezaa once released a code, "DEARGODWHY", which gave out 9999 Basic Iron Mines. This has to do with the revival of the sell all feature. It was supposed to troll players; but some lied about what the code gave. However, it could of had been easily defeated with rebirth.
  • The Basic Iron Mine can be useful for determining the stats and multiplier of a furnace. When conjoined by a Basic Furnace, it can be useful for determining the statistics of an upgrader.
  • The Basic Iron Mine is one of the many items included in the Miner's Haven Building Kit.
  • Berezaa actually nerfed the mine, but he said it'll be estimated to 2 an ore.
  • As the ores are upgraded, they turn blue and then eventually black.