Game development whiz kid. UW student and #RobloxDev.


Andrew Bereza is the founder of the largest development group on Roblox, Berezaa Games. He is also the creator of many games, including Miner's Haven, 2 Player Gun Factory Tycoon, War Games, and Azure Mines. Berezaa won a BLOXY for best Twitch channel in 2015. Berezaa is officially verified and on this wiki: However, he rarely edits.

Berezaa is very open about where he lives and has grown up in River Edge, New Jersey and graduated high school in 2017 and will attend his dream school, the University of Washington (he was rejected at first but filed an appeal with recommendation letters from his teachers and ROBLOX admin Terrisaurus AND MADE IT, only 1 in 20 students get accepted after an appeal).

Social Networks

Berezaa is known for creating a very large and diverse community in ROBLOX with his Group Berezaa Games and then grew on Twitter reaching over 150K followers in 2017, and expanding onto other platforms in 2016.



Berezaa's primary and professional account for his ROBLOX games. It was created in February of 2015 and he uses it to post update notices, sneak peeks, and also to give out special in-game codes for special rewards. As of September 6th 2017, this account is verified, making Andrew Berezaa the first ever ROBLOX developer to get verified on Twitter.


Co-run by him and Submission Curator OutOfOrderFoxy, this Twitter account is the official channel for Miner's Haven-related news. This account was created in the buildup to The Ultimate Update, and is used to showcase new features and items for Miner's Haven (especially with The Ultimate and Resurrection updates).


Berezaa's personal account. He uses this social media outlet to post informal content, mostly about his life and often uses profanity. This outlet was created to separate his personal life from @berezaagames, his professional account.



Berezaa's Twitch outlet is the primary source of development updates for Miner's Haven, among other games. He also posts LUA tutorials on making games, such as a tower-defense template, which was used by Tuning Studios to make MechaCubes. Subscriptions and Channel Emojis are present on the channel. Note that his previous broadcasts disappear from public view after some time.

On November 14th 2017 it was announced that Berezaa had changed his Twitch username from bereza12 to bereza. Possibly because of this, the old Discord vanity invite (/memes) broke down and had to be replaced.


Berezaa's other outlet which he uses to stream non-ROBLOX content. Because the content he streams isn't supposed to be kid-friendly, he occasionally swears on the channel.



The main server for Berezaa Games. Boasting over 70,000 members, 50 server emojis, 2 animated Nitro emojis and Discord Partner Berezaa, this server is also the secondary source for update peeks. With the bot Carlos, a player can take advantage of Discord Verification. As of April 2017, swearing is prohibited, and as of September 23rd 2017, only verified users can chat in the main chatrooms. This Discord server was created on April 19th 2016, and is heavily advertised by Berezaa on Twitch and on Twitter. It used to be advertised heavily on Miner's Haven until the ads were forced to be removed after Miner's Haven was taken down on December 30th 2017 for having Discord links (which are against the ROBLOX ToS).

Until November 14th 2017, it’s vanity invite link was It had to be changed possibly due to it being broken when Berezaa changed his Twitch name. Although once as a joke posted on May 20th, 2017, the URL became reality when the vanity invite came back online on November 22nd, 2017.



Until August of 2017, Berezaa's YouTube account only consisted of tycoon tutorials, Twitch highlights, random stuff, and Azure Mines and Miner's Haven development segments on Twitch. Berezaa picked up YouTube again for Resurrection sneak peeks and 2PGFT Remastered testing, although he now uses it for game trailers and random development videos.



Berezaa's secondary informal account. After long-abandoning it, he picked it up again to post his journey as a 2017 ROBLOX Accelerator, as well as his graduation from high school.



The official Subreddit for Miner's Haven. It is used by the community as means of posting their memes, submissions, complaints, and requests. Prior to launching the Subreddit, Berezaa found unsatisfactory performance with two other forum providers, due to excessive user traffic from his super-large community.



Berezaa's primary ROBLOX account, where he develops Miner's Haven from. On his account are multiple places, some which are stuck on certain Miner's Haven updates. His decal inventory is also the place to look for item leaks for Miner's Haven (Berezaa has also noticed and acknowledged this practice).

Berezaa Games

Claimed to be the best development group in all of ROBLOX. The group behind the hit titles 2-Player Gun Factory Tycoon and Miner's Haven. Joining this group improves your daily gift in Miner's Haven.

Named after the Twitch URL of his channel, this is the group that owns Azure Mines. Initially, it was an invite-only group, but that was later changed to public availability.

ROBLOX Assault Team

The combat group endorsed by Berezaa. The group has an influence in Miner's Haven, holding two exclusive items and an exclusive Berezaa Games Discord role and chatroom.



The verified account for Berezaa on the Miner's Haven Wikia. He isn't very active, but sometimes he'll leave his two cents on certain topics.


Once during a Twitch Stream either in 2016 or 2017, Berezaa repeatedly copy and pasted a link to his Coinbase account but was much later deleted. Coinbase is a site that handles cryptocurrency, especially bitcoins.

Berezaa Bloxy History

  • Best Live-Streamer (Winner 2015)
  • Favorite Social Group [berezaagames] (Nominated 2016)
  • Developer of the Year (Nominated 2016)
  • Best Twitter Account [@berezaagames] (Nominated 2017)
  • Favorite Live-Streamer (Winner 2017)