"Russian-American 17 year old game developer and aspiring entrepreneur. Seattleite away from home. Team Valor. Inquiries:"
Check out his new twitter account @havenrblx for behind the scenes development of Miner's Haven.


Andrew Berezaa is the founder of the largest development group on Roblox, Berezaa Games. He is also the creator of many games, including Miner's Haven, 2 Player Gun Factory Tycoon, War Games, and Azure Mines. Berezaa won a BLOXY for best Twitch channel in 2015. Berezaa is officially verified and on this wiki: However, he rarely edits.

Social Networks

On September 23rd, he tweeted his on his original Twitter account that he made a new one @lordbere for silly twitter posts and said his account @berezaagames would be for professional stuff.


@Berezaagames (professional account)

On September 23rd, 2016, Berezaa split his twitter content

to have professional content on this handle and to have

silly content on his newer handle, @lordbere.

@Lordbere (informal account)

This was created on September 23rd, 2016 to post silly content. This would be where he gives out most of his codes for uC and other news about Miner's Haven. This is where he notifies fans about upcoming Twitch streams. Berezaa tends to use codes as an incentive for follower milestones like when he reached 100K Twitter followers, he gave out four mega codes. All of this used to be done on his primary twitter account, @berezaagames.

@HavenRBLX (Miner's Haven Twitter Account)

Berezaa created this account on February 25th, 2017 to post about behind the scenes development.


On June 20th 2016, Berezaa created an Instagram account, more information is coming soon as he hasn't made any posts yet. His username is andrewbereza.


With the username Bereza12, Twitch is where Berezaa does live streams about ROBLOX (development and games) and other things. He sometimes gives out codes and the codes given out on Twitch tend to have more benefit than Twitter codes. Berezaa also does Developer streams on ROBLOX studio for upcoming Miner's Haven Items and features. In May 2015, he expanded his twitch channel by gaining a partnership with Twitch and introducing Twitch Coins.


In early-mid 2016, Berezaa opened up a Discord group, Discord is a platform where players can voice chat and access a chat menu. You can join his Discord group here, Berezaa has an announcements section in Discord where he gives information about future Miner's Haven update and new items.


ROBLOX is the platform where Berezaa publishes his games including Miner's Haven, 2 Player Gun Factory Tycoon, War Games, and Azure Mines. Later in 2015, Berezaa changed the owner of Miner's Haven to his group Berezaa games. Berezaa released a ROBLOX Forum post on how to submit items to him for the chance it will be added to Miner's Haven. Submissions tend to end up becoming Reborn, Vintage, or Exotic items based on patterns.

Berezaa Games

Claimed to be the best developer group in ROBLOX. Berezaa has this group open to fans who want to join. Those who do get benefits in Miner's Haven such as improved daily gifts.

ROBLOX Assault Team

This is a combat group endorsed by Berezaa and has two items in Miner's Haven exclusive to their group: Frostarium Mine & Frostarian Flag. You must be rank 2+ (Soldier) to get these items. Even though many people think the mine is terrible, its ore value can go up to 5k, which is a vast improvement considering other mines around its level.

This is the ROBLOX group he named after the URL of his Twitch Channel, this is the group that owns Azure Mines.

Berezaa Bloxy History

  • Best Live-Streamer (Winner 2015)
  • Favorite Social Group [berezaagames] (Nominated 2016)
  • Developer of the Year (Nominated 2016)

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