Game dev @Roblox & partnered Twitch streamer. I created Miner's Haven & Azure Mines.


Andrew Bereza is the founder of the largest development group on Roblox, Berezaa Games. He is also the creator of many games, including Miner's Haven, 2 Player Gun Factory Tycoon, War Games, and Azure Mines. Berezaa won a BLOXY for best Twitch channel in 2015. Berezaa is officially verified and on this wiki: However, he rarely edits.

Berezaa is very open about where he lives and has grown up in River Edge, New Jersey and graduated high school in 2017 and will attend his dream school, the University of Washington (he was rejected at first but filed an appeal with recommendation letters from his teachers and ROBLOX admin Terrisaurus AND MADE IT, only 1 in 20 students get accepted after an appeal).

Social Networks

Berezaa is known for creating a very large and diverse community in ROBLOX with his Group Berezaa Games and then grew on Twitter reaching over 150K followers in 2017, and expanding onto other platforms in 2016.


@Berezaagames (professional account)

Berezaa created this Twitter account in February 2015 and has posted a variety of things on it including updates on his games, sometimes his life, and when he would be streaming on Twitch. Like many twitter pages, it started off slow but grew a lot in 2016 and growth has slowed down a bit in 2017. Berezaa tends to use codes as an incentive for follower milestones like when he reached 100K Twitter followers, he gave out four mega codes. Eventually, Berezaa created a secondary twitter to post informal content and make his original Twitter page more professional.

@Lordbere (informal account)

This was created on September 23rd, 2016 to post informal content, mostly about his life and occasionally openly swares on this Twitter page.

@HavenRBLX (Miner's Haven Twitter Account)

Berezaa created this account on February 25th, 2017 to post about behind the scenes development, This page is very active when Berezaa actually does do MH development but goes long periods without tweeting when he isn't developing MH. The account is controlled by Berezaa and OutOfOrderFoxy. Soon after starting this Twitter, he created a survey for users asking who should be the third person to run the Twitter page, we never heard from Berezaa about it in a while.


On June 20th 2016, Berezaa created an Instagram account but doesn't upload as much as much as he tweets on Twitter.


With the username Bereza12, Twitch is where Berezaa does live streams about ROBLOX (development and games) and other things. He sometimes gives out codes and the codes given out on Twitch tend to have more benefit than Twitter codes. Berezaa also does Developer streams on ROBLOX studio for upcoming Miner's Haven Items and features. In April 2016, he expanded his twitch channel by gaining a partnership with Twitch and introducing Twitch Coins.


Along with a new twitter page to pot informal content, Berezaa created a secondary Twitch channel to stream non ROBLOX content since he is part of BLOXcasters, a group of ROBLOX Twitch streamers including the official ROBLOX Twitch Channel. Berezaa has streamed mostly Overwatch AN OPENLY SWARES ON HIS CHANNEL.


In early-mid 2016, Berezaa opened up a Discord group, Discord is a platform where players can voice chat and access a chat menu. Berezaa has an announcements section in Discord where he gives information about future Miner's Haven update and new items.


ROBLOX is the platform where Berezaa publishes his games including Miner's Haven, 2 Player Gun Factory Tycoon, War Games, and Azure Mines. Later in 2015, Berezaa changed the owner of Miner's Haven to his group Berezaa games. Berezaa released a ROBLOX Forum post on how to submit items to him for the chance it will be added to Miner's Haven. Submissions tend to end up becoming Reborn, Vintage, or Exotic items based on patterns.

Berezaa Games

Claimed to be the best developer group in ROBLOX. Berezaa has this group open to fans who want to join. Those who do get benefits in Miner's Haven such as improved daily gifts.

ROBLOX Assault Team

This is a combat group endorsed by Berezaa and has two items in Miner's Haven exclusive to their group: Frostarium Mine & Frostarian Flag. You must be rank 2+ (Soldier) to get these items. Even though many people think the mine is terrible, its ore value can go up to 5k, which is a vast improvement considering other mines around its level.

This is the ROBLOX group he named after the URL of his Twitch Channel, this is the group that owns Azure Mines.

Berezaa Games Forums

During the summer of 2016, Berezaa opened up a community forums site where users could post things on their midn relating to Berezaa's Games, ideas, submissions for Miner's Haven, and Berezaa would write changelogs for Miner's Haven linking them on his Twitter. There have been times when the forums crashed due to the website's servers crashing from excessive page visits simultaneously, especially during his Black Friday Giveaway in 2016. In March 2017, he moved to Wordpress where he has been posting changelogs to about every update in Miner's Haven. We link our update pages to that changelog page while listing changes that have not been listed there or describe the changes for specific is needed, TWEM also keeps backups of the changelogs in case the originals get deleted.

Old Quotes


"Russian-American 17 year old game developer and aspiring entrepreneur. Seattleite away from home. Team Valor. Inquiries:"
Team Valor is a team in Pokemon GO which was very popular at the time.

Berezaa Bloxy History

  • Best Live-Streamer (Winner 2015)
  • Favorite Social Group [berezaagames] (Nominated 2016)
  • Developer of the Year (Nominated 2016)

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