"This item is no longer in use and will be destroyed when you Rebirth." (CURRENT DESCRIPTION)
"Named after the scientist that discovered it, berezium mine is worth a ton of money. However, the mine is MASSIVE." (OLD DESCRIPTION)


The Berezium Mine was a Rare-tier dropper. It was named after Berezaa, the creator of Miner's Haven.

It was removed on September 19th, 2017 and was replaced by the Emerald Mine.


  • This was the largest mine in Miner's Haven, until the Tiny Iron Mine was released.
  • This was the first mine a user can acquire that has a random ore value (in this case $3k to $5k), unless they have the Industrial Rainbow Mine, which requires uC or can be found in boxes, or the Frostarium Mine, which not only can be found in boxes, but also can be bought when one is rank 2 or higher at the RAT (ROBLOX Assault Team).