"A celebratory upgrader given out on Miner's Haven's 1st birthday! Increases ore under $1T by x2.5"


The Birthday Upgrader is a Collectible-tier upgrader that increases orevalue by 2.5x if the overvalue is less than $1T. This item was released on June 12th 2016, Miner's Haven's one year anniversary. Birthday Upgrader was awarded to players that opened their daily gifts on June 12-14 2016.

Players that bought double daily gifts could get a 2nd Birthday Upgrader along with their daily gift. As of June 14th, 2016 it's possible to genuinely have up to eight Birthday Upgraders (available for four days and with the option of second daily gifts).


The Birthday Upgrader has a birthday cake and presents attached to it. Near the top of the upgrader is a banner reading "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!"


  • You could also get more Birthday Upgraders by going on certain servers that give you another free daily gift (a bug). This cannot happen anymore due to the fact that the Birthday event is over.
  • You could have received more than one Birthday Upgrader if you bought a second daily gift, making the Maximum possible amount of these upgraders 8.
  • The Birthday Upgrader has some cans of Dr Berza, but some of the cans are a diet version of the made-up drink.
  • When an ore goes through the Birthday Upgrader that is over the upgrade limit, the upgrader part will turn black then turn into a more pinkish color, like the diet Dr. Berza cans.
  • Similar to the Thingamajig and/or the Dreamer's Fright, three tiny bricks will fall off the cake (placed on the bottom of this upgrader) upon placement. They are not worth anything and cannot be destroyed by an Ore Pulsar or an Ore Quasar.
  • The unanchored pieces of the cake cannot go up conveyor ramps.
  • On Berezaa's Place Number: 99, which is only the Birthday Update of Miner's Haven, you can earn one of these every day from the daily gift.
    RobloxScreenShot06212016 192906543

    Example of unanchored piece.

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