"Lots of rich people like using B ismuth in jewlery or something. Doesn't matter, you'll get rich off of it!"


The Bismuth Mine is a Super Rare-tier mine. It costs $375B and it produces ore more valuable than the Osmium Mine. It isn't seen often in cell mining, but can be useful in conveyor setups as the Bismuth ores are relatively small.


  • It is an improvement from the Osmium Mine, and has more valuable ore, so it is recommended to get them as an upgrade to those mines.
  • The ore this mine drops is based off the chemical element Bismuth, element #83 abbreviated Bi on the periodic table. Real life bismuth is very iridescent and usually reflects a rainbow color or is shiny unlike Bismuth's blue color in Miner's Haven.
  • In the description, Bismuth is accidentally spelled as "B ismuth" along with jewelry spelled as "jewlery."

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