"True justice is blind. Processes lightly upgraded ore and ore that other cell furnaces normally do not accept."


The Blind Justice is a Reborn-tier furnace that multiplies ore value by x700M if the ore has no upgrades. It is able to process various ores that are usually not accepted by other cell furnaces, and it can also process upgraded ores. However, the multiplier of the furnace is decreased by x70M for every full upgrade the ore has.

RobloxScreenShot06192016 154332203

Example setup involving pairing the Blind Justice with a Gate of Eclipse and an Ore cannon


  • The statue is seen possessing a Banhammer.
    • However, the Banhammer mesh disappeared in August of 2017.
    • The mesh returned as of September 2, 2017.
  • The Blind Justice was used in the setup so-called "Lord Berezaa's Divine Powers" which the setup uses the Blind Justice itself, Gate of Eclipse, Wild Spore, Ore Cannon and a Spitfire Iron Mine.
  • Before things were nerfed, the hitbox of the Gate of Eclipse was broken, allowing the Blind Justice to be placed into the Gate of Eclipse, then a mine could be placed so that it landed into the Blind Justice but also making sure it hit the Gate of Eclipse.
  • Tixicated ores still have the same properties; if the ore can be accepted, the tix will be too, and vice versa. The Ore Tixicator doesn't count as an upgrade, and the tix is not reset on the number of upgrades it can take.
  • It was buffed from x5M to x504M - x840M on June 2nd, 2016.
  • The minimum multiplier Blind Justice can apply is x504M, achieved with four Radioactive Refiner (1.2 upgrades each), two Alien Relics, and a Tesla Resetter.
  • When placing it down, the blue highlight beam has the brick texture unlike the un-textured beam. The Dragonglass Mine and Dragon Blaster also share this property (Diamond Plate and Grass, respectively).
  • The Blind Justice will not accept ores from Superunobtainium Mine, Diamond Breech Loader and Incendium Mine, due to their upgrade counter being too high.
    • Some ores from the Industrial Firecrystal Mine do not work with this furnace either, but some ores do, making the mine partially compatible.
  • If the ore gets upgraded by Overlord Device or True Overlord Device, the ore will not work in Blind Justice. This is because both Overlord devices count as 20 upgrades.
  • This cell furnace will actually increase its multiplier if the processed ore has a negative upgrade count. This is evident with Nightmare , as the mine's ores start out with a -6 upgrade count, which it gets processed by x1.12B compared to x700M of an unupgraded ore.

    Blind Justice without the banhammer.

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