"The single most expensive crystal item in the game. Anyone who steps on it gets the badge. Only works on public servers."


The Blinged Badge Giver, like it suggests, awards the Blinged Badge on contact. Anyone can get the badge once it is placed.

Its description is actually slightly incorrect; it is the most expensive crystal item in the shop. Exotics sold by the in-game merchants are usually more expensive, but the Badge Giver is much more common in boxes.


  • When the badge images were given fresh new images, the Blinged Badge Giver did not update to include the updated badge image, and therefore still shows the old Blinged Badge image This has not been fixed as of 11/27/2017.
    • However, it still works.
  • If you go to placing mode, you can stop your ores with it by moving it to a conveyor that the ore will go to.
  • A popular prank is to place this and tell people to get on it and then surround it with zombies of any type. OutOfOrderFoxy started this joke.
  • Under the badge is a small amount of Unobtainium Flooring.

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