• Angrybirdstd

    Missing equipment

    April 16, 2018 by Angrybirdstd

    These are Angrybirdstd's ideas for Miner's Haven.

    These are missing droppers.


    • Obsidian
    • Glowstone
    • Redstone
    • Dravite

    Dropper/Quality BuyCost SellCost OreValue DropRate OreSize Tier
    Obsidian Dropper 85.5M 15M 8k 1 ore/.9 sec 1*1*1 Rare
    Glowstone Dropper 15.5Qn 4Qn 800k 1/.5 sec 1*1*1 Epic
    Redstone Dropper 195B 51.2B 40k 1/1.2 sec 1.1*1.1*1.1 SuperRare
    Dravite Mine 65.5T 16.7T 80k 1/sec. .9*.9*.9 Unique
    Magicstone Dropper 560uC 1.50k 1.50M 1/1.5 sec. .5*.5*.5 Premium

    These are missing furnaces.


    • Massive Glowing Red Furnace
    • Space/Time Warp portal
    • Vulture Stash
    • Industrial Redstone Mine

    Furnace/Quality Tier BuyPrice SellPrice Upgrade Multiplier
    Massive Glowing Red Furnace Rare 860B 220B 7x
    Space/Time Warp Portal Premium 80uC 900 10.5x
    Vulture Stash Ref…

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  • FGShadowcore


    April 9, 2018 by FGShadowcore

    Is there an infusers section? cuz if thewre is then im blind and if there is not pls make one :D

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  • Nachochips14

    There is a cave and the is a hidden fidget spinner at the entrance of it then there is also a hidden invisible cape and a guy who gives u free luxury boxes and he is hidden on the top of the cave so u need to find a secret entrance on the cave's ceiling and i luv bacon.


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  • Mammothmans

    i think the animal jam nerds are declining in rarity because my friend did the clover adventure and he has gathered 4 pairs of nerds soo far if he has that much then wonder how much are being earned in a day and the adventure is going on throught all of march  the pic os proof

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  • RiskoZoSlovenska

    So there are 7 Research Centers, and some people may ask: "Which one is best, and by how much?" So I made this little handy chart:

    Name Cost Ore requirement Ore Multiplier RP rate RP per ore
    Basic 5k None 1 4/50 0.08
    Proficient 95k $20 1 6/45 0.13
    Quantum 475M $300 2 8/40 0.2
    Complete 5B $1k 3 10/36 0.27
    Fusion 5N 21 Upgrades 5 40/100 0.4
    Spooky Unobtainable $50k 3 10/30 0.3
    Innovator's Unobtainable None 2 15/100 0.15

    The Basic is pretty much junk, and the Spooky has a very high Ore Requirement. The Fusion is very expensive, and needs a LOT of upgrades. The Quantum and Complete are worth noticing, though. Even though they have an ore requirement that makes them incompatible with Spitfire Iron Mine s, this can be easily bypassed by placing a Cursed…

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  • RiskoZoSlovenska

    SUM vs. RM

    January 29, 2018 by RiskoZoSlovenska

    It is said that the SUM (Superunobtanium Mine) is supposed to triumph the RM (Radium Mine). I looked at the stats, but I wan't sure, so I did some math.

    1 Ore/0.2 - 2 Seconds

    = 1 Ore/1.1 Seconds (Average)

    30K - 4.5M/1 Ore

    =2.265M/1 Ore (Average)

    =2.3M/1 Ore (Rounded average)

    This all is 2.3M/1.1 Seconds (Rounded average)

    =2M/1 Second

    5 Ores/4 Seconds

    =1 Ore/0.8 Seconds (Average)

    100K - 2M/1 Ore

    =1.05M/1 Ore (Average)

    =1M/1 Ore (Rounded average)

    This all is 1M/0.8 Seconds

    = 1.3M/1 Second

    Name Superunobtanium Mine Radium Mine
    Money (per 1 second) 2M 1.3M
    Cost 250 uC - 2.5K uC  185 uC
    Size (units) 4 x 4 4 x 4
    Reborn Proof? Yes Yes
    Sacrifice Proof? Yes No
    Source Masked Man Boxes or uC shop
    Cell Furnace Compatible? No No
    Upgrade counter 20 2.4
    Tier Contraband Premium


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  • Sleepy Soda


    November 25, 2017 by Sleepy Soda

    Hi, this is just an informal little blog for personal use that tabulates all the upgraders and conveyors in Miner's Haven so you don't have to keep clicking loads of articles to compare stuff. I worked a few hours to get all the information down, enjoy! It might hurt your eyes sorry


    Does not affect value of ores

    Has a
    cash limit

    Does not have a cash limit

    Obtained from rebirths

    Higher Tier

    Item Name Brief Description Key
    Basic Conveyor Moves stuff at 1x speed
    Raised Mini Conveyor Moves stuff at 1x speed
    Walled Conveyor Moves stuff at 1x speed
    Fine-Point Upgrader +4 ore value
    Ore Purifier Machine +9 ore value
    Large Ore Upgrader 1.35x ore value (has cash limit)
    Wide Conveyor Moves stuff at 1x speed
    Conveyor Converter Moves stuff …

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  • ChampionBlue778

    User Ranks

    November 2, 2017 by ChampionBlue778

    Because I'm too lazy to go to the listusers page

    Staff name Join date Extra info
    BananaOTT April 8, 2016

    Berezaa April 30, 2016 Game Owner (Inactive)
    Helper Rick November 3, 2015 Semi-inactive
    KingTFR October 20, 2016

    TheWikiaEditMachine October 17, 2015 Does most CSS

    Staff name Join date Extra info
    Aiyanite August 8, 2016 Inactive
    Gleepgorp July 22, 2015 Inactive
    InfoElaboration April 30, 2016 Inactive
    K06Tweety March 15, 2016

    KingVehk April 6, 2016 Inactive?
    Kitrank Vopafal March 26, 2017 Admin from the Azure Mines Wiki
    Knok Knok February 16, 2017

    ScarceBit October 16, 2016

    Spicydankmemer October 17, 2016

    UnidentifiedError November 2, 2015 Inactive
    WolfCrafter55555 December 6, 2016

    Reteego April 11, 2017

    Staff name Join date Mod type Extra info

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  • Minershavenboiss
    [[File:Placeholder|right|3write ideas

    Write the first section of your page here.

    Write the second section of your page here.

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  • StyronArmy

    Miners Haven Update

    September 19, 2017 by StyronArmy

    Ok, so the game was just updated. Now I have a few quiestions: 

    1. How do you evolve items? 

    2. Are the new exotics obtainable in boxes, or a secret way?

    3. Does MM still exist?

    4. Will you ever get rid of nighttime? It is unbearable now because it is so dark.

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  • SunnywongREAL

    can u show me a set up for life 25+ pls

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  • Superdave100

    step by step tutorial pls, its been quite a long time


    Jokes aside, (hope I don't get banned for breaking a rule or something) how are you all doing? Has the game received a major update lately? I'm dying to know, I haven't had access to an electronic device all summer.

    Either way, just stopping by to say hi.


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  • 3BurningMice


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  • Zironic22

    Might need new setup?

    June 23, 2017 by Zironic22

    I'm only on life 1, and im stuck at around 30-60qd cash. I'm trying to get up to 210k RP, though I don't believe it does much. My current setup is just a bunch of mithril mines over Sacrifical Cells. Is there any better setups I can/should use? if there is, please tell me. Thanks!

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  • SirAdven

    Dark Magic picture

    June 15, 2017 by SirAdven

    Triggered cuz I can't seem to access the bigger decal for Dark Magic so I could provide its picture. 

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  • ClearCrusader

    Honestly morning star loops just take to long.

    I need a faster way. 

    If there is one. Thanks!

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  • Big 23

    i just want to know.


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  • Dark Tenebris

    So , lately i been adding alot of category (kind of hard to not notice lol)

    and sometime there category such as rebirth tier who are wrong and also the currently ubnotainable mostly there on new item when they come out

    But i dont really know what / who can tell me how to remove category when those happen

    So i kinda wish i could know how to remove category if needed

    Thank you if you helped me

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  • Shallowcoppwr123

    I need a good setup because I am life life 501+ and need a good setup. Dreamer's Anguish  and Dragonglass Mine isn't an effective setup for me right now. Can someone help me?

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  • Valklyer

    i have to stop

    June 1, 2017 by Valklyer
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  • Theoriginalsplothycrib

    Just post any setups you know that are usefull for life 501+

    A classic one is the Dreamers anguish and the dragonglass mine.

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  • Pinacoin

    Scout Prestige Wiki!

    May 28, 2017 by Pinacoin

    Ok first of all, I'm sure if you're allowed to advertise other wikis, but I'll still do this just because.

    So my buddy known as WantedTurtle made a wiki called Scout Prestige Wiki. It's basically a fan made game fighting game with player classes and several different characters, such as Goo, a character I made. You too, can make your own fighting character, as long as you follow rules.


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  • Valklyer

    I realize....

    May 23, 2017 by Valklyer

    I realize what i have done also i now know that WE don't make codes. thank you all.

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  • TheRealNightmareFreddy

    For sacrificed players.

    I have 1 Anguish and 7 dragon glasses. I'm at life 600. How long till I sac?


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  • Militello33


    May 20, 2017 by Militello33

    i was testing out the Loop-de-Loop upgrader and it upgraded my ores up to 1sxd

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  • Warrior253


    May 17, 2017 by Warrior253


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  • K06Tweety

    Currently my computer seems to crash when I play ROBLOX, so I don't have as much access to Miner's Haven as I used to. I can still pull off a few edits from past experience, the mobile app, and vandalism reversion, but I won't be able to help in big projects such as the Alien Invasion Update and the Morning Star page rebuild.

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  • TrickyTuna

    When i started my game (I got about 311K RP ), all my RPs are suddenly 0!!! Is there anyhow to recover? Maybe because of the lags?

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  • Denerii


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  • XCGamingOfficial


    May 4, 2017 by XCGamingOfficial

    Tomorrow, the Excalibur will be 1 year old!

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  • Knok Knok

    Meh first blog

    April 30, 2017 by Knok Knok

    All I can say is, it gets confusing on who is who because everyone is earth on the wiki. This isn't a joke right? Also I do have 250+ edits

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  • S1mpleSlashAlex

    Working codes

    April 28, 2017 by S1mpleSlashAlex

    ferocious 1 Flaming Ore Scanner
    crystalclear 50 uC
    dantesinferno 1 Inferno Box
    drinkchicken 2 Unreal Boxes
    tothestars 3 Unreal Boxes
    CUP=RIP 7 Twitch Coins
    merryeaster 2 Inferno Boxes
    ilovemycoins 6 Twitch Coins
    m3m3machin91 1 Inferno Box
    easturbunny 40 uC
    cointabulous 4 Twitch Coins
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  • Cameroenese2

    I love the Wikia.

    April 24, 2017 by Cameroenese2

    I have always gone to Wikia to enjoy the information it provides, but over time I've noticed that some of the info is incorrect, not enough is provided, or spelling mistakes. I have been helping out since. I love the Wikia!

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  • Lotushomerun


    April 18, 2017 by Lotushomerun


    is it me your'e looking for?

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  • XXxBKNinjaxXx

    The Sunken Past

    April 17, 2017 by XXxBKNinjaxXx

    I've owned a vintage The Sunken Past since late December, but its rule about ore having to be worth $10B or more makes the item totally useless for me.  I'm only on my 2nd life (I stopped playing MH in January & Feb.) and there is no way i can make my ore worth that much, and even if i could, it SUBTRACTS $10B value.  THIS SHOULD BE BUFFED, its not worth obtaining in many cases

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  • Xcorporatedmark

    I got clockwork in life 139th and i dont know how to use it im a noob at doing setups halp me

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  • XXxBKNinjaxXx

    Whenever I open a Lucky Inferno Box, I see so many vintages, exotics, contrabands, and other awesome items, but I NEVER obtain any of them.  Seriously, i've opened like 5 lucky infernos and never gotten a vintage or exotic from one (i got my Equinox from a Lucky Unreal and my Sunken Past from a non-lucky regular box). Inferno boxes should therefore be buffed.

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  • XXxBKNinjaxXx

    1st blog post

    April 10, 2017 by XXxBKNinjaxXx

    Hi people, I'm Brandon and I love Miner's Haven.  I have no idea what to post on my blog, but I want to have something there, so I'm posting this.  I don't have Twitter, Facebook or any of that yet, so I'm not huge on blogs.  But I want the 'I Used Crystals!' badge ;)

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  • Jarrettedge

    If Mines can Talk

    April 9, 2017 by Jarrettedge

    Basic Iron Mine:Where am i?

    Silver Mine:Were at the Map Dude.

    Basic Iron Mine:Oh... So where is Anybody?

    Silver Mine:This player has a 1st Life!

    Basic Iron Mine:Awww. So i need to meet Anyone.

    Silver Mine:So do you job and then The Player Buys a Gold Mine!

    Basic Iron Mine:Okay!

    (So the Player bought Gold Mine)

    Gold Mine:Wow! a Map!

    Basic Iron Mine:Yup, we are.

    Player:Should these Mines Do the Jobs?!?!

    All Mines:Ok!!

    (The mines does the Jobs Fastly that the Player Bought the Large Point Upgrader)


    Basic Iron Mine:What Now?

    Gold Mine:We Continue the Jobs..

    (Jobs Later)

    Diamond Mine:Hello Mines.

    All mines Expect Diamond Mine:Woah! Who are you?

    Diamond Mine:Im Diamond Mine, and i was a Poorly Cashed, So Idk.

    Player:Its getting Boring, I'll quit This…

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  • Tux9001

    I swear, before the ultimate update, there was a feature where if you right clicked on an item, you could click a button to sell of of that item. But now when I do it, no button! Did Berezaa remove a large feature of the game?

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  • InfoElaboration

    Submitter Trophy

    March 19, 2017 by InfoElaboration

    I finally got the statue. :D

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  • InfoElaboration

    True Overlord .2

    March 16, 2017 by InfoElaboration

    Second True Overlord today. Crazy long setup polished over the course of 3 days. :V

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  • InfoElaboration


    March 15, 2017 by InfoElaboration
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  • Kunostheagreat

    now im at  life 35, with the new winter heart!

    i bought it with uC, but i dont care i still got an exotic!

    uc199  ~110 (i got up to 900+ and bought it)

    life : around 29 > 35

    vintages 2 >2

    exotics 0 > 1 (ye boiiiiiiiiii)

    im back guys dont bully me!!!!!!

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  • Kevindongofficial

    use the following items:




    - TELEPORTERS (Sender AND receiver)



    - WALLS (Preferable GOLD, DIAMOND or RUBY) (x5)

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  • YellowFreakingDiamond

    Today I found a hacker on Miners Haven. Xeavic is apparently able to unlock an Unreal box in another server, but have it show up in me and my friends vip server.

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  • Da F2P Scout

    So on this wikia's discord, I was acused of stealing a person named Nati's name. My discord name is "N1ch0l2s" and it has been that way  for a very long time. Several immature things happened about it. I was being threatened by the discord's buereaucat "KingTFR" to get banned for not changing my name. So much nonsense happened later and my nickname kept being changed to immature things like "1x1x1" or "SPAGHETTI" or even "IMPASTA." After it happened too much, I had to leave the discord. I couldn't do anything. I even asked KingTFR to stop, in quite a kind way, and immaturely enough, he said "nu." He even declined the fact that I had the right to leave the discord.

    Something has to be done about this

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  • BowRipper95

    Ideas for Miner's Haven

    January 19, 2017 by BowRipper95

    • Description = "Here is the Laserz-Upgrader! Upgrade ore at x7 his value! And All ore who's pass in this upgrader get burned for 6s and if the fire is not extinguished, the ore is reduced in Ash! Can be used 3 times!
    • Effect = Multiplie ore at x7 his value.
    • EffectCap = Ore that pass in the upgrader get burned for 6s and after thoses seconds the ores is burned in Ash.
    • Source = Rebirth (Life 70+)
    • Tier = Reborn

    • Description = This Dark and Great Furnace is a lie, Everyone say that, but is not... This Monstruous furnace process ore at x100 its value the night... The day, this furnace process ores at x125 its value! If one day you have this... I can name you a god...
    • Effect = Process ore at x100 is value the night and at x125 is value the day.
    • EffectCap …

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  • Dominator1031

    Well, I got banned yesterday. But fortunately it was a one day ban. (Thanks KingTFR :) ) So, now I'm back. Yes!!!

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  • REALTheLoafLord

    The forums need an upgrade in better handling admins. Literally. I was new and I 'bumped' by accident, which apparently is banned in that pathetic forum. I was commenting on a 4 day old post, saying my opinion. I got pulled up. Given a warning. I went to the dank meme section and posted a meme called "My brothers disturbing search history." and had roblox P 0 R N in his history but it said edgy memes in it. The history shows NO photos of searches, only words. (The joke was that I ignored the You-Know-What and I said "My brother has been searching up edgy memes.") and the only thing of P 0 R N in there was the word. The word. But I almost INSTANTLY got pulled up, said it was not ok. What kids, honestly. It's just the wordSo I was on my la…

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