"Super advanced technology that teleporters ore to a receiver. If more than 1 receiver is down, it will pick one at random. REQUIRES A RECEIVER TELEPORTER."


"A wide conveyor that teleported ore appears at. Requires a sender teleporter to work. If there is more than one receiver, teleports will pick them at random."


Blue Teleporter Receiver

The Blue Teleporter Receiver receives ore from its blue counterpart. Only Wide Conveyors, Conveyor Converters and Ultimate Conveyors fit the space it uses.

Blue Teleporter Sender

The Blue Teleporter Sender sends ores that are placed onto it to the Blue Teleporter Receiver. This can be useful if there is a lack of space.


There are many bugs about teleporters.

  • There is currently a bug where ores stay on the teleporter senders and they don't teleport to the teleporter receivers. This is caused by some problems with looping, reborn setups, e.t.c.