"A dangerous makeshift mine whose ores react violently when they come into contact with coal."


The Boomite Mine is a Vintage-tier dropper based off the Azure Mines ore of the same name. It was announced on Berezaa's stream on 11/10/2016. This dropper will consume coal, giving it x10 with a limit of $50Sp, but also causing an explosion, with a 1/8 chance to destroy the ore. There can only be 4 boomite ores per mine in your base at a time.

The Boomite Ore is not recommended to be used with a setup involving Northern Lights as it requires sparkling coal to power it (assuming the Boomite Ore is on the same conveyor as the sparkling coal or coal to become sparkling). Boomite ore has a special red flame on it that prevents it from being destroyed by fire similarly to the Symmetrium Mine. Extinguishing this flame will both allow the ore to be burned and remove its coal upgrade effect.


  • The Boomite Mine is one of the 7 Multi-Spout Droppers, the other 6 being the Spitfire Iron MineCrucible Iron MineTriple Coal Mine, Spooky Coal Mine, Nightmare, and the Remote Octagnium Mine.
  • This was made for the "Explosive" contest, which has already ended.
  • The bomb and the dynamite in the box are non-collidable.
  • This is the tenth mine to have a special effect.
  • If the mine is withdrawn, the ores it has left behind will be stripped of their unique effects; this means they will not explode when coming in contact with coal ore. This bug also appears with several other items, such as Hades' Fang.
  • It's thumbnail, along with the stats of the Raised-ier Conveyor and the Refined tier is used as a placeholder for the Inventory, and when you first open the Inventory, it shows. This no longer shows due to the new inventory.
  • This item is useful for any life due to its effect.
  • This mine was nerfed after the Layout Saving update to have a cap of $50Sp rather than $500de from coal upgrades.
  • The special flame effect emit from the ore can not be remove by the Wild Spore, Deadly Spore and the Azure Spore (as it is not a consider a negative effect). The Azure Refiner can destroy this ore.