"A crude device which violently tears ore from other dimensions into our own."


The Breech Loader is a Reborn-tier dropper that requires a minimum of life 200 to obtain. It was first unveiled on Berezaa's Twitter and was explained on Berezaa's website. Unlike most droppers in Miner's Haven, the Breech Loader is actually rotated around ~35 degrees. When the Breech Loader was released, it trumped the Atomium Mine as the most powerful dropper in Miner's Haven, Berezaa admitted that is was a little too overpowered but kept it the same anyway.

As the Breech Loader's ore is considered to have been upgraded when it is dropped, the only cell furnaces it will function with are the Blind Justice or the Sage Justice.


  • The Breech Loader is the first dropper in Miner's Haven to be rotated by default. This makes it have a unique attribute.
  • When placed correctly, up to 4 Breech Loaders can be placed in one Sage Justice, leading to massive gain of sextillions.
  • Due to its design, ores are dropped inconsistently, sometimes the ores land straight but most of the time go off slightly in other directions.
  • Due to the design around the spout, its possible for an ore or two get stuck.
  • The ores from the Breech Loader frequently stack like the ones from the Atomium Mine, they can even stack on top of the mine and really raise ore limit.
  • The Breech Loader actually does have a dropper part. It's just hard to see in the particle because it's extremely bright.
  • The Breech Loader is the fourth life 200+ item after Morning Star, Blind Justice, and Northern Lights.
  • The Breech Loader is 1 of the 9 mines to not have a "Mine" in its name.