"Charges up energy as ore passes through and brusts all of its power into a single ore when it's full. Vanishes when you Rebirth."


The Burst Refiner is a Slipstream-tier upgrader hinted and implemented on the same day on the 11th of March, 2017.

It normally upgrades ore by 1.1x, but as more ore pass through the first upgrader, the second upgrader will become increasingly brighter, showing its increasing power. When 10 ore have passed through, the Burst Refiner will be at full power, and the 11th ore will get both the 1.1x upgrade from the first upgrader and a 50x upgrade from the 2nd upgrader, leading to a powerful 55x upgrade in total. Once the 11th ore has passed, the Burst Refiner will go back to the beginning at 0% power. The 1.1x upgrader does not count as an upgrade, while the x50 upgrader does. Ores that receive the 2nd upgrade will also turn bright red and the neon material.


  • The Burst Refiner has a similar ability to the Blood Magic and the Plasma Iron Polisher in which they both upgrade a certain ore with a big multiplier once powered up.
  • The description has a typo, saying "Brusts" Instead of Bursts.

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