"The super-powered catalyzed star can upgrade ores many times over before finally giving in."


The Catalyzed Star is a Reborn Fusion-tier item for that was released on March 8th, 2017. It was first revealed on Berezaa's Twitter. The Catalyzed Star is a direct upgrade from the Morning Star since it upgrades ore at a higher multiplier and has an upgrade cap of $1NvD, just like the Morning Star.

The upgrade beam is now on the conveyor, allowing for easy use on both loopable and standard setups without the need for Conveyor Ramp with 5 Nuclear Conveyors, or an Ore Cannon.

The Catalyzed Star can also be used as a substitute for The Catalyst. It has a 5x multiplier instead of the 4x multiplier that The Catalyst has. However, one problem is that the Catalyzed Star is 2 units wider than The Catalyst, preventing the use of most portable upgraders, whereas The Catalyst allows all portable upgraders to be used, only covering half of the conveyor. The Catalyzed Star can also stack with both the Catalyst and its successor, the Saturated Catalyst; their order does not matter.

Still, the Catalyzed Star can substitute the Morning Star to get the True Overlord Device after sacrifice.


The Catalyzed Star is wider than both The Catalyst and Morning Star. It also has the upgrade part touching the conveyor making it much easier to set up and has a fire on the two corners of each end whereas Morning Star has one fire on its bottom right corner. Catalyzed Star also features a bar graph which comes from neither upgrader. It also has more points on the star-shaped union than the Morning Star.


  • This upgrader is better than the Morning Star, not just because of the area of the upgrader, but also the multiplier is better. Morning Star does x1.6, and this does x5 on the first upgrade, and x1.65 the rest of the time.
  • The upgrader part on the Catalyzed Star resembles the shape of a keyhole.
  • Even though Reborn Fusions aren't really supposed to stack with their original reborn counterparts, the Catalyzed Star still stacks with Morning Star and The Catalyst respectively (and their evolutions).
  • In the Layout Update, the Catalyzed Star, along with the rest of the Star family, received massive nerfs. The Catalyzed Star's cap was reduced from $1QnV to $1NvD. Many players are extremely upset about this change. It is possible that this was because Berezaa wanted the newly added Neutron Star to be seen as more powerful while still being reasonable.
  • Like other items in the star family, there is an exploit with this item that lets players quickly max out ore value whilst not taking up much space. This is done with the drawbridge and has been changed for the other items in the star family to prevent doing it but has not been changed for Catalyzed Star as of 26/7/18.