This is a category page for all the Artifact items in Miner's Haven. Artifact items are ones that are only sold through gamepasses on Miner's Haven that are sold only on Black Friday. When purchasing the passes, users don't know what items they will receive from the passes until Decebmer of that year (within a few weeks). To learn more about artifacts, visit the pages in this category or refer to the following category pages:

Item Item Type Artifact Effects
Lucky Infuser Infuser 2015 Gambler's Dice Doubles chance to obtain Lucky Clovers and boosts walkspeed by 4.
Storage Conveyor Conveyor 2015 Shoddy Crate Transports ore slightly faster than a Nuclear Conveyor.
Undead Santa Guardian 2015 Super Snowflake Gives players not on your friends list the best gift of all: Death.
Ore Nebula Pulsar 2016 Pocket Nebula If there is not a Nebula Receiver placed on the base, this destroys all ore present on the base. If there is a Nebula Receiver placed on the base, it sends all ore present on the base to the Nebula Receiver.
Nebula Receiver Teleporter Receiver 2016 Pocket Nebula Receives ore from the Ore Nebula. Affects the purpose of the Ore Nebula depending if one has been placed on the base or not.
Tiny Iron Mine Dropper 2016 Giant Crate Drops extremely large ore worth $100k each.
Martian Friend Gear Dispenser 2016 Planet Mars Offers a gravity coil.

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