The 2015 Black Friday event was the first Black Friday event in Miner's Haven. On Black friday, berezaa released three artifacts (thus introducing artifacts) which would only be on sale that day, players knew that they would give perks of some sort but they wouldn't know what kind they would receive. The effects of the artifacts were revealed on December 25th and the way of receiving the artifacts was by using the code open:artifacts.

Artifact Price Description Perk Item
Shoddy Crate
Shoddy Crate
??? After a week of going at the crate with their axes, the Miner's Haven Lumberjack Association (MHLA) have found two things inside: a 3D printer that produces 1-3 Wooden Crates when you open a daily gift during the Winter Event and a smaller, much sturdier box.

The lumberjacks took out their sharpest and most dangerous tools and successfully opened the smaller box. Inside they found 15 Storage Conveyors.

Adds 1-3 Regular RP Crates in Daily Gifts Storage Conveyor (15)
Gambler's Dice
??? So this was somehow missed when this was being sold but turns out one of the dice is actually the size of a small truck. The top Miner's Haven historians have figured out that the first dice was actually cursed by ancient Aztec kings and now subtracts up to 3 or adds up to 6 crystals to your daily gifts but also doubles your chances of finding an Inferno Box in Diamond Crates during the Winter Event.

The historians tracked back the lineage of the second dice to an ancient Aztec temple. Inside they found the Lucky Infuser!

-3uC or +6uC to total uC given in Daily Gifts Lucky Infuser
Super Snowflake
R$95 Top Miner's Haven scientists discovered right away this is snowflake was indeed a microchip. They've managed to crack the first layer of encryption to find out that having this snowflake on you during the Winter Event will give you +10 WalkSpeed and sparkles on your character when you open daily gifts and Golden Research Crates will grant +2 WalkSpeed.

However, the scientists also discovered that the super snowflake contained coordinates to a dark and cold secret: the Undead Santa!

Daily Gifts come with a 10+ walkspeed boost and sparkles on the player, along with a 2+ walkspeed boost for every gold crate opened Undead Santa
The code "open:artifacts" is displayed in all of the artifact's description in order to receive the artifacts. The code can still be used, as in the code box it says "Permission required!" and "You don't have any artifacts!".
Starting with the Skipped Life Update, Berezaa began releasing patch notes for his updates, from now on, update pages will link to those patch notes and additional notes and comments will be written on the pages. This means we will no longer copy and paste notes from In the case where patch notes get deleted from, TWEM will keep backups.