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The second Black Friday event for Miner's Haven took place on November 25th 2016. It kicked off on Friday morning when berezaa released the sale of a variety of passes as listed below:

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Product Discount Discounted Price Original Price Notes
VIP 66.66% R$30 R$90 Was made 1R$ for one minute.
Premium 45% R$440 R$800
Executive 30% R$1750 R$2500
Shout Colorizer 75% R$10 R$40 Discount extended past Black Friday, as berezaa is assumed to have forgotten about this gamepass.
Sword Master -125% R$1000 R$700 Was made available for purchase for one minute. Negative percentage means that a price INCREASED, not discounted.
55uC 97.5% R$1 R$40 Discount was executed for a few seconds only.
120uC 98.75% R$1 R$80 Discount was executed for a few seconds only.
There were also artifacts released on Black Friday whose effects would be revealed later. Their effects were released to customers in two parts, part one being on December 9th in the Pre-Winter Update 2016 and the second part on Christmas, the code "2016artifacts" was used to unlock the items that came with the artifacts.

Black Friday Artifacts

Artifact Price Description Perk Item
Giant Crate
Giant Crate
R$40 Let's be real, whatever's in this crate probably isn't useful, but oh my is it large. A mystery Black Friday artifact that will reveal itself in two parts in the near future. Available for purchase only on Black Friday.

Your lumberjack friend hacked away at the giant crate and found out that inside there is... a ton of slightly less giant crates! You'll get one every day now in your daily gift! The lumberjack also found a really big metal crate in the giant crate but he says he'll need his most powerful tools to get inside. Whatever's inside should be out by Christmas, he assures you.

Giant RP Crate in Daily Gift Tiny Iron Mine (3)
Planet Mars
R$100 What a steal. Someone should tell Elon Musk about this. A mystery Black Friday artifact that will reveal itself in two parts in the near future. Available for purchase only on Black Friday. You asked Matt Damon to go explore the planet you just bought for like 200 robux and he came back with good news: the planet is not only habitable but he's also set up a private base for you there! Clicking the "Play Solo" button now takes you there! There's also an increases RP crate spawn rate on Mars! Matt says there's a powerful item hidden on the planet, and he's working hard to get it. The handsome astronaut says he should find it by Christmas. Private Island changed to Mars Martian Friend
Pocket Nebula
Pocket Nebula
R$200 Having a small nebula in your pockets can be very useful. A mystery Black Friday artifact that will reveal itself in two parts in the near future. Available for purchase only on Black Friday.

Scientists discovered a strange radio device within the tiny nebula. When you click the button, something really funny happen. You can probobly use this to troll a lot of noobs. The scientists tell you that there is something much more serious and powerful further into the Nebula. They say it should be out by Christmas. You are very excited.

Fake RP Crate Spawner Gear Ore Nebula, Nebula Receiver

Giant Crate

RobloxScreenShot12102016 161856210

The Giant Crate.

Giant Crate was sold for 40R$, and would add a large metal crate to your daily gift. It guaranteed players a ton of RP and one mystery box. There is a 10% chance of giving a Regular, Unreal, AND an Inferno box! Normally this crate give a lot of RP and one regular box.

The Giant Crate Artifact also gave 3 "Tiny" Iron Mines.

RobloxScreenShot12102016 192622445

An example of an ore traveling farther in lower gravity.

The Planet Mars

The Planet Mars was sold for 100R$. For players that have purchase the artifact instead of getting teleported to their Private Island they are taken to the planet mars where the gravity is weaker (even for ores) and rate of good crates dropping are increased by 75% and more crates would drop. The Planet Mars Artifact also granted a Martian Friend.

Pocket Nebula


This is what happens when you try to touch a Fake Crate.

Pocket Nebula was sold for 200R$, and it included a "Fake Crate" tool that drops fake crates. Those crates push a player far away once touched, and a fart sound effect is played. This effect is also known for destroying ores. The Pocket Nebula Artifact gave two items, Ore Nebula and Nebula Receiver.


  • The part 1 description for The Planet Mars incorrectly lists the gamepass' price as 200 robux, even though the artifact cost 100 robux during the sale.
  • The Planet Mars' part 1 description references Matt Damon
  • The Giant Crate's part 1 description has a similar construction to the Shoddy Crate Artifact, sold in 2015.
  • The part 1 description for the Pocket Nebula features two typos, 'happen,' and 'probobly.'
  • The V.I.P Mining Gamepass, during the Black Friday 2016 sale, was put on sale for 1 R$ for at least 1 minute, with the 55 uC and 120 uC products on sale for a few seconds for 1 R$.
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