Twitter Imageof the 2017 Black Friday Event showcasing new mystery box designs.


The 2017 Black Friday Update is a patch for Miner's Haven that was released on November 24th, 2017 which was on time for Black Friday 2017 despite releasing the 2017 Spooky Update in late October 2017. Along with four artifacts this time around, Berezaa also hosted fire-sales (huge discounts on products for a short time frame) on his Discord, which included artifacts from years past. This event and the sales lasted throughout the weekend until after Cyber Monday on November 27th, 2017. The artifacts would later be brought back on-sale for a few more days for XBOX users to purchase on December 2nd.



Miner's Haven icon for 2017 Black Friday Event.

  • Placing system has been given a few patches, fixing off-place hitboxes
  • A plethora of products received discounts during the sale (see table below)
    • Fire-sales were also hosted, ranging from 5 minutes to an hour.
  • Mystery Boxes have been given new designs
  • New Mystery Box: Luxury Box
    • The code "BLACKFRIDAY" was given out which gave the user 1 Luxury Box.

Product Sales

Product Discount


Black Friday Price Original Price Notes
V.I.P. Pass 50% R$40 R$80 Was given a R$5 price tag for a few minutes. Original discount price was R$50.
Premium 44% R$450 R$800
Executive 32% R$1700 R$2500
Base Radio 63% R$75 R$200
Sword Master -28% R$899 R$700 Was made available for a mere 10 minutes only.
Daily Gift 50% R$10 R$20
55uC 25% R$30 R$40 Discounted price did not go out of effect after Black Friday.
720uC 26% R$295 R$400 Discounted price did not go out of effect after Black Friday.
1500uC 28% R$580 R$800 Discounted price did not go out of effect after Black Friday.
3200uC 33% R$1000 R$1500 Was given a R$500 price tag for 10 minutes.

Discounted price did not go out of effect after Black Friday.

Pocket Nebula 0% R$200 R$200 Only available for 30 minutes. Priced at the exact same amount as it was sold last year.
Super Snowflake -52.5% R$200 R$95 Made available for 1 hour only due to overwhelming demand.
Rocket Launcher 57.89% R$40 R$95 Masked Man fire-sale, deals only available for a hour.
Inferno Box 60% R$10 R$25
Crate Storm 55.55% R$20 R$45


These gamepasses, known as Artifacts, were only obtainable during the days of the sale. Like the artifacts from two years past, this year's three purchasable Artifacts open in two parts: an exclusive perk that is revealed in early December, and an exclusive item that is given to the player sometime around Christmas.

The only exception to this "tradition" is the Mysterious Mask model, which was free to obtain and users who were in Berezaa Games Discord were notified of its presence. Right now, those who picked up the mask got 3 Luxury Boxes in compensation (if one redeems the "asecretmask" code), but it is expected that more will come out of the mask[1].

The Mysterious Mask model had its contents revealed first on December 2nd. All three purchasable Artifacts had their perks revealed on December 17th.

The table below is sorted in the sequence of the Artifact's release; first to last, top to bottom.

Artifact Price Description Perk Item
Circus Tent
R$199 An entire circus tent has gone up for sale. The owner won't tell you what's inside, but he assures you it contains an assortment of silly goodies that'll turn your lame base into an awesome one.

So what's in this tent, you ask the owner. He looks at you and exclaims: an infinite supply of megaphones! You'll get one for free every third day in a row you open your daily gift! What else, you ask him. You can tell he's hiding something in this giant tent... but what?.

Free megaphone in a Daily Gift every three days in a row Circus Cannon (4), Giant Infuser (2)
Corrupt Pearl
R$49 A once-beautiful pearl corrupted by a dark force in Miner's Haven. Owning this pearl will give you a connection to this mysterious entity.

You begin to notice that the pearl you bought on Black Friday glows whenever you open your daily gift. You figure out how to activate it and find out that a Cursed Crate falls from the sky with your gift. You know there's something else to this pearl, though....

Gives a Dark Purple Cursed RP Crate in the Daily Gift which has a chance of giving the player a Red-Banded Box. Mysterious Teleporter (2)
Lone Frog
R$99 A lone frog who got lost on his journey. You don't know where he was going or what his quest was but you can tell he is pretty determined about it.

After nearly a month of owning this cute little frog, you begin to wonder what good he does. Until you realize that as long as you have him, you'll receive a health increase for every regular RP crate you touch. The frog has a glean in his eye though... and you know he's holding onto a much bigger secret...

Max health increased for every Regular RP Crate by 2. Used to give the message "The lone frog grants you vitality" when obtaining health. Frog Infuser (2), The Frog Particles (2)
Mask-arpone cheese
Mysterious Mask
Free Someone must have left this lying around... 3 Luxury Boxes via code "asecretmask" N/A
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