This category is either for items that were originally Contraband tier BUT FOR MOST ITEMS HERE, Berezaa removed the RP shop on March 31st 2016 and changed all the tiers of the items in the shop to "Contraband". On May 5th 2016, Berezaa released the Outdoors Update which introduced The Masked Man. The Masked man is the only source to buy Contraband tier items and he charges them for either uC, research points, or just cash.

Contraband Item Effects Price Type Reborn / Sacrifice


Date Added
Pirate Wall Decoration 8uC - 30uC Wall Yes Initial Release
Unstable Conveyor Transports ore at double the speed of a Basic Conveyor. ≈ 5kRP Conveyor No Initial Release
Lunar Refiner Doubles orevalue. 27kRP - 40kRP Upgrader No Initial Release
Triple Flood Light Has a wider lighting range than the basic Flood Light. 19uC - 30uC Light Yes Initial Release
Ore Tracker Places a tag on ores that shows how much they're worth. 75kRP - 190kRP Upgrader No 05/05/2016
Superunobtanium Mine Drops ore worth $50k - $5M. 250uC - 2.5kuC Dropper Yes 05/05/2016
Diamond Falls Processes ores at x21 its value. $1.7Qn - $3Qn Furnace No 05/05/2016
Chemical Refiner Upgrades ore by 80%. Places a poison effect on ores that destroys them after 2-8 seconds. ≈ 70kRP - 100kRP Upgrader No 06/02/2016
Alien Relic Upgrades ore by x1.9 and reduces number of total upgrades by 1. 100kRP - 200kRP Upgrader No 06/02/2016
THE UNDERTAKER Takes 99.5% of your ore's value and donates it all to John Cena. 24uC - 34uC Cell Furnace Yes 08/03/2016
Freon Sprayer Extinguishes ores that are on fire. 23uC - 46uC Upgrader Yes 08/03/2016
Robotic Enhancer Upgrades ore below $300M by 75%. $142B-$720B Upgrader No 09/29/2016
Ore Negator Upgrades ore by 30% and reduces number of total upgrades by 1.6. 64.5kRP - 150kRP Upgrader Yes 09/29/2016
Premium Tracker Places a tag on ores that shows how much they're worth. 30uC - 70uC Upgrader Yes 09/29/2016
Molten Forge Orevalue is doubled, twice. Initially after the upgrade, the ore becomes really vulnerable to explosions. After 1-5 seconds, the ore becomes resistant to explosion knockback. 24kRP - 61kRP Upgrader No 03/31/2017

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