Decoration Types

Decorations come in many categories. Some are purely cosmetic while others might provide a use, whether it lights up the area or provides offensive/defensive potential.

Decoration Tips

You should avoid decorating until you have your desired conveyor/cell setup to avoid having to move around items in order to make your desired setup. Be mindful of having weapon decorations out in the open for others to take. Try not to use walls as much because they are hard just to get out and in your fortress.

As of the 2017 Summer Update, these items stay on your base when you rebirth. However, they cannot be sold.

Shop Decorations

For any confusion on prices, refer to Cash Suffixes. For an confusion on rarity, refer to Item Tiers.

Name Decoration Item Type Cost Rarity
Giant Torch Light $25 Common
Wooden Wall Segment Wall $100 Common
Wooden Wall Wall $300 Common
Wood Flooring Flooring $600 Common
Bonfire Light $900 Common
Flood Light Light $1.2k Common
Ladder Wall $1.3k Common
Frostarian Flag Flag $12k Common
Staircase Wall Wall $12k Common
Update Board Utility $25k Common
Carpet Flooring Flooring $42k Common
Metal Wall Segment Wall $55k Uncommon
Steel Wall Wall $55k Uncommon
Spawn Beacon Utility $74k Uncommon
Controlled Gate Gate $75k Uncommon
Small Bench Seat $95k Uncommon
Potted Tree Tree $100k Uncommon
Brick Wall Wall $200k Uncommon
Slanted Wall Wall $540k Uncommon
Security Gate Gate $760k Uncommon
Grass Flooring Flooring $924k Uncommon
Rusty Wall Segment Wall $1M Rare
Rusty Wall Wall $1M Rare
Haven Tree Tree $1M Rare
Giant Rock Rock $5.4M Rare
Pebble Flooring Flooring $7.75M Rare
Anti-Personnel Gate Gate $42.9M Rare
Lava Flooring Flooring $245M Rare
Bookshelf Bookshelf $470M Rare
High-Security Wall Wall $760M Rare
Granite Wall Wall $1B Super Rare
Potted Plant Plant $1.5B Super Rare
Autumn Tree Tree $3.85B Super Rare
Party Boombox Boombox $168B Super Rare
Computer Computer $5T Unique
Cherry Blossom Tree $6.75T Unique
Summer Grill Grill $75T Unique
Tinker Table Table $5qd Epic
Worldly Illuminator Light $35.3Qn Legendary
Aman The Survivor NPC $957Qn Legendary
Neon Tree Tree $6.75sx Legendary
Dr Berza Machine Dispenser $13de Mythic
Unobtainium Flooring Flooring 1 uC Refined
Cerulean Potted Tree Tree 2 uC Refined
Gold Flood Light Light 3 uC Refined
Magnificent Torch Light 7 uC Refined
Gold Wall Wall 10 uC Refined
Magifyre Light 12 uC Refined
Forcefield Generator Utility 15 uC Premium
Diamond Wall Wall 20 uC Refined
Giant Doge Plushie Animal Plushie 27 uC Refined
Evil Flood Light Light 30 uC Refined
Ruby Wall Wall 30 uC Refined
Fuzzy Pink Flood Light Light 39 uC Refined
Leafy Particle Particle Giver 70 uC Refined
Superhero Particle Particle Giver 85 uC Refined
Lovestruck Particle Particle Giver 100 uC Refined
Flaming Potted Tree Tree 100 uC Refined
Filthy Rich Particle Particle Giver 135 uC Refined
Undead Guardian Guardian 250 uC Premium
Drawbridge Gate Gate 325 uC Refined
Loominati Particle Particle Giver 350 uC Refined
Blinged Badge Giver Badge Giver 999 uC Refined

Event Decorations

Decoration Type Event Cost Tier
Jack-O-Lantern Light Collectible
Spooky Control Gate Gate Collectible
Zombie Doge Plushie Animal Plushie Halloween 2015 23uC Collectible
Spooky Security Gate Gate Collectible
Pumpkin Aman NPC Collectible

Other Decorations

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