Mines or droppers are machines that spit out ore at a certain rate. You can't make any money without having a dropper in your factory. There are different types of droppers: Regular automatic droppers, industrial mines powered by coal, and remote mines where you press a button on a remote to drop a single ore per remote mine, excavators where you press buttons attached to the dropper for it to work, and massive mines where ores drop way less frequently and are a lot bigger, but the ores are worth more value.


  • Dropper/Mine name- The name of the dropper.
  • Drop rate - How frequently droppers drop ores. Copper Mines, Spitfire Iron Mines and Boomite Mines drop multiple ores in one instance
  • Ore value - How much an ore is worth unprocessed. Some droppers tend to have random ore values
  • Ore size - How big ores are. Massive mines always have bigger ore sizes, and most droppers have an ore size of 13
  • Tier- The Rarity Of The Dropper/Mine

In math, you write the volume of a cube or rectangular prism (a 3D rectangle) by saying "# cubic studs" (for cubes) and "#x#x# studs" for rectangular prism shaped ores. In short, the ore size is simply the volume of an ore.

Table of Essential Dropper Information

Mine/Dropper Name Drop rate Value Ore size Tier
Basic Iron Mine 1 ore/2 seconds $2 13 Common
Crucible Iron Mine 2 ores/3 seconds $2 13 Common
Remote Iron Mine Remotely activated $10 1.43 Common
Iron Excavator Button activated $20 23 Common
Silver Mine 1 ore/0.7 seconds $5 13 Common
Crystal Mine 1 ore/3 seconds $25 13 Common
Copper Mine 1 ore/3 seconds $20 13 Common
Frostarium Mine 1 ore/3 seconds $100-$1k 13 Common
Gold Mine 1 ore/2 seconds $45 13 Common
Gold Excavator Button activated $250 23 Common
Platinum Mine 1 ore/2 seconds $200 1.23 Common
Diamond Mine 1 ore/2 seconds $500 0.73 Uncommon
Uranium Mine 1 ore/3 seconds $3k 1.33 Uncommon
Remote Diamond Mine Remotely activated $1k 1.23 Uncommon
Berezium Mine 1 ore/1 second $3k-5k 1.23 Rare
Massive Iron Mine 1 ore/9 seconds $10k 43 Rare
Plutonium Mine 1 ore/2 seconds $5.5k 13 Rare
Plutonium Excavator Button Activated $20k 23 Rare
Remote Opal Mine Remotely Activated $12k 0.83 Super Rare
Opal Mine 1 ore/2 seconds $8k 13 Super Rare
Massive Gold Mine 1 ore/12 seconds $20.7k 33 Super Rare
Osmium Mine 1 ore/3 seconds $10k 13 Super Rare
Osmium Excavator Button Activated $40k 23 Super Rare
Remote Osmium Mine Remotely Activated $15k 1.43 Super Rare
Bismuth Mine 1 ore/4 seconds $13k 0.83 Super Rare
Painite Mine 1 ore/2 seconds $15k 13 Unique
Orbital Antimatter Uplink 1 ore/5 seconds $50k 13 Unique
Mithril Mine 1 ore/2 seconds $60k 0.83 Epic
Firecrystal Mine 1 ore/3 seconds $473k 13 Legendary
Darkmatter Mine 1 ore/2 seconds $14M 0.53 Legendary
Ambrosia Mine 1 ore/second $450M 0.73 Legendary
Remote Ambrosia Mine Remotely Activated $800M 1.43 Mythic
Ninja Diamond Mine 1 ore/2 seconds $1k 0.73 Premium
Triple Coal Mine 3 ore/4 seconds $0 13 Premium
Unobtanium Mine 1 ore/3 seconds $1k-$500k 13 Premium
Radium Mine 5 ores/4 seconds $600k-$1M 13 Premium
Superunobtainium Mine 0.5-3


$100k-$5M 13 (?) Contraband
Massive Diamond Mine 1 ore/10 seconds $750k 33 Reborn
Newtonium Mine 1 ore/0.5 seconds $100M-$5B 13 Reborn
Atomium Mine 1 ore/0.3 seconds $3.5B-$25B 13 Reborn
Industrial Firecrystal Mine Coal Powered $10M-1.5B 13 Reborn
Yunium Mine 1 ore/second $50M-$2.5B 13 Reborn
Remote Octagnium Mine Remote $10T - $80T 13 Slipstream
Incendium Mine 1 ore/0.2 sec $400B - $4.5T 13 Slipstream
'Ol Faithful 1 ore/1.5 seconds Starts at $25M and

quadruples after 30 seconds

13, expands into 23 over time Vintage
Noobite Mine 1 ore/2 seconds $10k-$500M (based on how much money you have) 13 Vintage
Boomite Mine 4 ores/once $5M (x10 if coal-induced explosion makes contact) 13 Vintage
Spookmaster-5000 1 ore/0.2 seconds $950M 13 Exotic
Santa's Workshop 1 ore/0.5 seconds $825M-$1B 13(ore) 2x32(upgrader) Exotic
Twitchite Mine 1 ore/0.7 seconds $200M-$10Sp (based on how many Twitch Coins you have) 23 Exotic
Dragonglass Mine Remote $4B - $4T 13 Reborn
Diamond Breech Loader 1ore/0.1 sec $10T - $90T 1.53 Reborn Fusion

Industrial Osmium Powered by $450 1x1x1 Super

Mine coal Rare

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