Excavator Dropper are a division of Dropper where you press buttons attached to the dropper for it to drop ores. There are multiple buttons to press for you and other players. Invite your friends to your base to drop ore faster.

Excavator Dropper Orevalue Cell Compatible Buttons Tier Date Added
Iron $20 Yes 2 Common Initial Release
Gold $250 3 August 2015
Plutonium $20k Rare
Osmium $40k 4 Super Rare
Newtonium $45T No 6 Evolved Reborn 3/31/2018


  • All excavator has the same oresize being 2x2x2 studs.
  • Newtonium Excavator is the most unique of the excavator:
    • The only rebirth-proof excavator.
    • The only upgraded ore excavator.
    • The only non-shop item excavator.