Gears are items that are scattered across the Miner's Haven map or through a purchase from the ROBLOX catalog. The listed ROBLOX gear can be found under the Miner's Haven store page on the ROBLOX website. Gear are items that give players special advantages. For example, the Jetpack can permit players to access high areas or areas that cannot be normally reached without the use of gear.

Included ROBLOX Gear

Included ROBLOX Gear are ROBLOX created gear added to Miner's Haven by Berezaa. They can be bought either from the catalog or from a direct purchase from the allowed gear section under the Miner's Haven page on ROBLOX. However, included ROBLOX Gear is different than the in-game gear. Players who own the gear spawn with the item in their inventory. They can remove their held item by pressing Backspace or Delete on their keyboard but they will always regenerate when the user dies or resets.

In-Game Miner's Haven Gear

In-game Miner's Haven Gear are gear that is not bought from ROBLOX but can be found around the Miner's Haven map. Unlike the Included ROBLOX Gear, the gear givers can be found by all players without any purchases. In addition, players will lose their In-game Miner's Haven Gear when they reset or die but can be replaced by stepping over a giver. Currently, the In-Game Miner's Haven Gear is unavailable as a result of the change of maps.