The Halloween Event 2016 is designed to release the second annual Halloween event for Miner's Haven. On October 8th, 2016, it was announced that this update would be delayed from October 13th, 2016 to October 14th, 2016.

The event lasted from October 14th, 2016 to November 4th.

Part 1 (10/14/2016)

  • Regular Boxes are converted to Pumpkin Boxes & Unreal Boxes are converted to Spooky Boxes which contain collectible Halloween items as an addition. Pumpkins drop from the sky and upon contact with them, you receive a free Pumpkin Box. Yet no one knows why Inferno Box didn't have a changed name.
    • Along with that, Regular Boxes were buffed as well.
    • The boxes also received a new design for their UI appearance.
  • The Masked Man is replaced with Headless Horseman during this event and will be available every day instead of Thursdays to Sundays.
  • The skybox, map, and music were changed to fit the Halloween theme.
  • 2 new Exotics (Hades' Fang & Flying Dutchman) are added along with the Spooky Wall, Hopeless Bog, and Undead Clown.
  • The Spooky Wall and the Zombie Clown can be purchased by uC in the uC shop.
  • The price for rebirth was raised to octillions for users whose life was 500 or higher making rebirth take MUCH (5x+ longer) longer for these players.
    • This drastic pricing change sparked outrage from players, who publicly expressed their anger and confusion via shouts.
    • Berezaa said users above life 500 would get a Inferno Box every time they rebirth.
      • This feature has now been implemented in the Post-Halloween Update, but now with an Inferno Box for every 10 lives.
  • The Ore Tixicator's practically unknown 'Tix Cell Loophole' was patched.

10/18/2016 Patch

This patch had a few miscellaneous fixes along with the rebirth prices changed. Lower-mid life players can reborn much quicker and easier now.

Part 2 (10/22/2016)

  • The autumn exotics Autumn Breeze & Heavenly Wisp were removed from mystery boxes.
  • A variety of new items were added into Miner's Haven in this part of the event:
  • The Pumpkin Quest was introduced. Upon smashing 100 pumpkins, you are awarded a Pumpkin Hero and will be awarded the Pumpkin Slayer badge. A message is also displayed across all servers stating you have completed the Pumpkin Quest.

Part 3 (10/30/2016)

NOTE - this update was scheduled for release for Friday, October 28th. The update had to be delayed however, and was postponed to Sunday, October 30th, as berezaa was "juggling like 5 cats over here".

  • Rare, giant pumpkins were added.
  • Spooktastic Refiner was shrunken to accommodate the regular-sized conveyers.
  • The final Halloween item has been added, Blood Magic , unlike other exotic, it's acquired via Rebirth, this made users even more upset about raised rebirth prices after life 500. After the event ended, Blood Magic became an exotic item making the first exotic item to obtain via rebirth.
  • Candy Bag is a cell furnace that can be obtained by needs of smashing one giant pumpkin.
  • When a player Rebirths, the rebirth message will now display the specific reborn item that player received.

Post-Halloween Update

The post-halloween update returned the sky, music, and boxes back to normal.

  • Blood Magic was changed from Reborn to Exotic.
  • All Halloween items were made unobtainable.
  • The Masked Man returned in place of Headless Horseman.
  • A new joke item was added - the Heavenly Conveyor.
  • Daily Gift received an overhaul in appearance. So did the mystery boxes.
    • All boxes no longer have the boxy text fonts. Now they've got the big noodle tilting font, or better known as the Overwatch font.
    • The boxes also have the Miner's Haven logo, if you look closely.


  • This event had a total for three delayed updates.
    • One for Part I.
    • One for Part III.
      • This update had to be delayed since berezaa was "juggling like 5 cats over here."
    • One for the Post-Halloween Update.
      • As berezaa's assets were not approved yet by the time of the proposed update, so berezaa gave players an extra day for the Halloween Event.
  • A total of 12 items were added, 4 of them being exotics and 8 being collectibles.
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