Headless Santa was the second merchant in Miner's Haven to sell items for a limited time and supply. He first appeared on the top of the hill during the Christmas Update in 2015. He reappeared on December 25th, 2016 on top of the hill again for part 3 of the 2016 Winter Update but changed locations each day and stayed until January 2nd/3rd 2017. Both years Santa had the same refresh on all server but each server had their own supply of items, unlike the Headless Horseman and the Masked Man.

Winter Event 2017

"Headless" Santa once again appeared in Miner's Haven during Part II of the 2017 Winter Event, but he does not carry a set inventory like the past two years and the other three merchants. As The Masked Man is simultaneously active during the event, Santa functions just like The Crate Merchant instead, but when you interact with him he gives you a Festive-themed item for free. You can only get one item from him every day.

This time around, Santa actually sports a head.

Every Day 2018

"Headless" Santa can now be found in a secret location on the map. On the side of a mountain, he is on the other side of a non-collidable triangular-shaped dirt patch. Santa will give you one item a day. He functions like The Crate Merchant and gives a new item everyday. Santa still sports a head.

Items Given in 2017

During Event:


Items Sold in 2016

Items Sold in 2015