Infusers are items that, when stepped on, increase a humanoid's stat(s). However, some infusers like the Mini Infuser or the Executive Infuser give a special ability to the humanoid.

Name Stat Increase Stat Decrease Tier Notes
Cursed Infuser Increases jump height substantially -7 speed Refined Replaced the Explosive Infuser
Speed Infuser +9 speed -- Refined Previously gave +5 speed
Thrust Infuser Increases jump height -- Refined Replaced the Health Infuser
Mini Infuser +10 speed Decreases jump height Vintage Makes you small
Executive Infuser +30 Health, +5 speed, increased jump height -- Vintage If killed when infused with this Infuser, an explosion will occur and anyone in the explosion will die
Regeneration Infuser Makes your health regenerate quicker -- Proficient Replaced by the Heavenly Infuser
Lucky Infuser +4 speed -- Collectbile 2x chance of finding Lucky Clovers
Haunted Infuser +10 speed -25 max health Exotic --
Haste Infuser +12 speed -- Refined Previously +5 speed
Heavenly Infuser +8 speed, increased jump height -- Refined Previously +7 speed
Explosive Infuser +2 speed -- Advanced If killed when infused with this infuser, an explosion will occur and anyone in the explosion will die
Infinite Infuser +9 speed, significant jump boost -- Refined --
Righteous Will +15 speed, +30 health, significant jump boost, more likely to survive explosions -- Reborn --
Health Infuser +25 health -- Intermediate --
Glow Infuser +5 speed -- Luxury Grants a glow effect to players
Resetting Infuser Allows you to use a second infuser effect -- Vintage --
Frog Infuser +? Speed Boost, massive jump boost -- Collectible --