Merchants in Miner's Haven are NPCs that are located somewhere in the map that sell you items and supply. Every once in a while, they restock their inventories and sell some limited items for currencies or another items.

Name Required Receive First Appearance Last Appearance
Headless Horseman Money, uC, Robux Items, Mystery Boxes 10/17/2015 11/04/2017
Headless Santa None

(Previous: uC)

uC, Jetpack, Mystery Boxes

(Previous: Gifts, Christmas theme items)

December 2015 Active
Jak'uhfdor uC, Robux Items, Inferno Box December 2015 Unknown date
The Masked Man All currencies Items, Mystery Boxes 05/06/2016 Active
The Innovator Money, Robux Items

(Previous: Unreal Box Bundle)

03/08/2017 02/18/2018

(Present as an easter egg)

The Leprechaun Magic Clover

(Previous: Golden Clover)

St. Patrick's theme items 03/17/2017 03/31/2018
The Crate Merchant None Mystery Boxes 05/28/2017 Active
The Craftsman Items Enchanted-tier items 06/11/2018 Active