There have been times when Berezaa does not have enough time in his hands to create new items for Miner's Haven and during these times he views submission items created by the Berezaa Games community. Many submissions get rejected (does not entirely mean yours will), but there are a few that pass criteria and make it into Miner's Haven! Keep in mind that the item effects or description may change if Berezaa is not satisfied with the original one. He also removes all scripts from submission items and adds his own in for the game. This category page is dedicated to those who have made submissions that made into Miner's Haven! Remember to avoid the following when creating submissions:

  • The style and/or theme of the item doesn't fit into the game
  • The theme is too repetitive or banned [Steampunk, Noob, and Illuminati themes are banned.]
  • The colors may be too neon
  • The item may be following a trend with other submissions
    • "Trends" refer to repetition with other items like wafers, similar structures, etc.
  • The item in itself is too basic/grotesque
  • The item has too many small parts, outlines, or unions
  • Berezaa is extremely unlikely to accept submissions that are remakes of items already in the game, this is to prevent extreme repetition in Miner's Haven. Remakes tend to have the exact same model as an item in the game and have the parts recolored to make it seem somewhat unique. An example of two items in the game like this are the Digital Ore Cleaner and Quantum Ore Cleaner.

In February 2017, Submission Curator OutOfOrderFoxy released a list of every Miner's Haven submission ever added (before The Ultimate Update). Refer to the table below (although the contents do not contain newer items). Those who got their items accepted got a Submitter Trophy.

On May 6th, 2018, a new MHCI Submission Vault was opened to promote and showcase submissions, both unadded and implemented. An update to Miner's Haven by Bereza added a portal in the form of a cavern entrance.

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