These mines in this category are mines that can also act like upgraders, or vice versa: upgraders that can drop ores.

Item Name Effects Time of Avaliability Tier
Santa's Workshop Rare white presents drop as ores, but then enlarge and anchor themselves as upgrader parts. The presents upgrade by 20%. Winter Event 2015 Exotic
Ore Tixicator Once 10 ores pass through the upgrader, it drops 6-8 tickets that are x1.66 the average value of the 10 ores that passed through 4/21/2016 - 5/5/2016 Exotic
Autumn Breeze Upgrades ore the leaves contact by 50%. Fall 2016 Exotic
Hades' Fang When ore touches Hades' Fang ore, the ore upgrades it by 20%, then "consumes" the ore, taking the orevalue and effects. Halloween Event 2016 Exotic
SpookLord-95,000 Spawns ghosts around dropper which can upgrade ores by x3 once. Halloween Event 2016 Exotic
Boomite Mine When upon contact with a coal ore, boomite ore explodes, upgrading ore by x10 with no limit. Added 11/13/2016 Vintage

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