Pulsars are items in Miner's Haven that are remote-operated. Most of the pulsars in Miner's Haven functions only to destroy ore, but there are special variants of pulsars that perform different functions.

Here is a list of all the pulsars currently in Miner's Haven.

Pulsar Function Tier Release Date
Ore Pulsar Destroys all dropped ores. Rare 6/12/2015 (Initial Release)
Ore Quasar Destroys all dropped ores, with a faster cooldown. Vintage ?
Ore Nebula If the Nebula Receiver isn't placed down on the base, destroys all dropped ores. If the Nebula Receiver is placed down, teleports all ores to the Nebula Receiver. Collectible 12/18/2016
Ore Supernova Upgrades ore by x10, then adds $1k to all dropped ores. Can only upgrade ore once. Slipstream 3/11/2017


  • All pulsars are 4x3 units in hitbox size.

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