When you rebirth in Miner's Haven, most of the items on your base explode and are deleted. Some items are not deleted when you rebirth and are simply returned to your inventory. The following tiers of items are not deleted:

  • Reborn
  • Reborn Fusion
  • Evolved Reborn
  • Advanced Reborn
  • Vintage
  • Exotic
  • Ultimate
  • Premium
  • Refined
  • Collectible
  • Luxury
  • Items marked "Reborn Proof" in the Contraband, Common, Rare, Epic or Unique tiers

You also gain a single Reborn-tier item, your life number goes up by 1 - 21 (depending on your surplus money), you will get the "Reborn" badge (1st Rebirth), a chance to receive a powerful Slipstream-tier item, and a 1/6 chance to receive an Inferno box. The chance for an inferno box increases the more lives you skip. An entry goes into the global chat saying "[USERNAME] was born into their [Life #] life with a [item awarded]" when you rebirth. In order to do rebirth, you click the black gear icon to the left of your screen to access the settings, make sure you have enough money to do rebirth, and if you do, click the yellow plus button. Another prompt will appear asking you if you're sure you want to rebirth, and if you are, click 'Yes'.

Beginning with the 3/31/2017 Skipped Life Update, users with a significant amount of cash that is far from the required cash needed to rebirth can skip a few lives. After the 100M update on 4/15/18, you can get up to 3 reborn or reborn fusion items if you skip many lives. For cash info, please refer to the Cash Suffixes page. Some other things to keep in mind when reaching rebirth milestones:

  • Immediately after going into your 5th life, you receive the Genesis badge and an entry goes in the global chat saying "[USERNAME] achieved Genesis."
  • If your Discord Account is integrated with Miner's Haven and you reach life 100, you will receive the Hundred Lifer Discord role in the Berezaa Games Discord on your Discord account.
  • If your Discord Account is integrated with Miner's Haven and you sacrificed, you will receive the Sacrificed Discord role in the Berezaa Games Discord on your Discord account.
  • If your Discord Account is integrated with Miner's Haven and you did the second sacrifice, you will receive the 2ndSacrifice Discord role in the Berezaa Games Discord on your Discord account.
  • Going from your 500th life to your 501st life, the rebirth price goes from $1.19Sp to $37.9O which became the case in the 2016 Spooky Update, before that it was smooth transition to life 501 and prices from that point on were much cheaper. (Life prices changed for life 501 that is undocumented in the 3/31/2017 Skipped Life Update. Likely slightly lower.)
  • In the 3/31/2017 Skipped Life Update, Berezaa updated the rebirth prices making them increase gradually instead of a massive increase at life 501. The new increase is from $1.19Sp to $64.5Sp. On release this made it really hard for low lifers as the prices increased much quicker going to Sp instead of the normal sx, this was quickly fixed as Berezaa recognized this as a bug.
  • Rebirth prices for 501+ are very much the same as they were before the 3/31/2017 Skipped Life Update. Still being in the Sp/O/N range making it still impossible to rebirth quicker than a minute consistently using the Cell Particalizer/Dreamer's Anguish with the Symmetrium Mine/Dragonglass Mine combo used before the 2016 Spooky Update for life 501+, although the Rebirth prices for life 501+ have been lowered slightly. Berezaa originally made this to quote on quote "Make Miner's Haven a challenge again." On stream. Instead making rebirthing a repetitive job for live 501+ using Big Bad Blaster/Flaming Schrodinger Evaluator/Morning Star loops/setups instead of the much quicker setups previously used before the 2016 Spooky Update.

List of Reborn Items

The lower the Rarity number, the rarer the item.

Item Name Effects Item Type Life Required Evolution Rarity
Nature's Grip Processes ores worth under $1k at x25k value,

processes ores worth over $1k at x200M value.

Cell Furnace 0+ --- 15
Quantum Ore Cleaner Quadruples (x4) ore value, can upgrade an ore one time only. Upgrader 0+ Quantum Ore Polisher 15
Massive Diamond Mine Drops a special diamond ore worth $750k every 10 seconds. Ore can be upgraded and still be accepted by a cell furnace. Dropper 0+ Massive Diamond Drill 15
Frozen Justice Processes ore at x10 normally,

processes ore at x26 if ore is on fire.

Furnace 0+ Frozen Peaks 15
Industrial Firecrystal Mine A coal-powered mine that drops ore worth $10M-$1.5B. Some ore produced are compatible with cell furnaces. Dropper 0+ --- 15
Sage Redeemer Processes ore by the number of times it has been upgraded divided by 2, with a cap of 35x. Furnace 0+ Sage King 15
Ancient Temple Multiplies ore value by the remainder of the ore value divided by 7 (x1 to x6). Can only upgrade ores once. Upgrader 0+ Ancient Coliseum 7
Azure Refiner Quadruples (x4) ore value. Destroys ore with status effects. Upgrader 0+ --- 15
Dragon Blaster Multiplies ores by x4 with no limit, but also has a chance to destroy them. Third-rarest Reborn item. Upgrader 0+ Hydra Blaster 5
Astral Predicter Upgrades ores to 3.5x to 4.5x but it upgrades in a time range of 5 seconds to 2 minutes. Upgrader 0+ Astral Setter 15
Tesla Resetter Removes all tags, including status effects, can only affect ores once. Upgrader 5+ Tesla Refuter 18
Newtonium Mine Drops an ore worth $100M-$5B every half second. Dropper 5+ Newtonium Excavator 18
Dreamer's Fright Randomly processes ore from -(x5)-x45 while slowly depleting your Research Points. Furnace 5+ --- 18
Big Bad Blaster Multiplies orevalue by 2.65x with no limit, but has a chance to destroy ores. A weaker version of the Dragon Blaster. Upgrader 5+ --- 18
Lightningbolt Refiner An upgrader that increases ore value by 100%-700%. Requires clicks on a button to work. Ore has a chance to be destroyed if used more than twice. Upgrader 5+ --- 18
Righteous Will This infuser will grant complete immunity to Explosive Infuser enemies, a higher chance to survive Adowable Guardians, as well as +30 health, +15 speed, and you can jump higher. Infuser 5+ --- 6
The Catalyst Quadruples (x4) ore value. Can only be used once. Upgrader 5+ Saturated Catalyst 12
Yunium Mine A mine that spits out ore worth $50M-$1.5B in any direction. Compatible with Cell Furnaces. Dropper 5+ --- 17
Ore Illuminator Quintuples (x5) ore value after 5 seconds but makes ore disappear if upgraded in that time. Ore is given Illuminati particles during the 5 seconds. Upgrader 10+ Ore Indoctrinator 21
Dreamer's Might Subtracts $1T from ore value, then processes ore at x25 value Furnace 10+ --- 21
Flaming Schrodinger Randomly multiplies ore value by x2, x2.6, x4, or x6. Can set ore value to - ($100) or add $100B to ore value. Has a chance to fling or destroy ore. Upgrader 10+ Super Schrodinger 21
Dark Magic Normally processes ore at x12 its value. When remotely activated, it processes ore value by x45. Furnace 10+ Forbidden Magic 21
Big Bertha Normally requires an ore cannon to use. Multiplies ore value by x12 (Some mines such as Atomium and Newtonium can drop directly into Big Bertha) Upgrader 10+ --- 21
Solar Flare Processes ore at x25 value during the day.

Processes ore randomly from x0 to x50 during nighttime.

Furnace 10+ --- 18
Dreamer's Anguish Processes un-upgraded ore at 20k-79.9qd times its value based on how much money you have (similar to Noobite Mine ). Often remarked as one of the best Cell Furnace in the game. Cell Furnace 10+ --- 3
Venomshank Dispenses a Venomshank sword. Weapon Giver 10+ --- 3
Precursor Mine Drops ore worth $1B - $5B. Compatible with cell furnaces. Dropper 10+ --- 3
Precursor Furnace Processes ores by x500 once "activated" by processing an ore from the Precursor Mine; otherwise x70 multiplier Furnace 10+ --- 3
Timeless Enhancement Starts with a x144 multiplier, but every upgrade decreases the multiplier by x3. Ignores the default upgrades that some ores come with. Furnace 10+ --- 7
Clockwork A fine-point upgrader that quintuples (x5) ore value. Has the thinnest fine-point in the game. Upgrader 15+ --- 8
Wild Spore The first upgrade adds the remainder of the ore value divided by 5,000 and doubles the new ore value. Any upgrades after the first one add the remainder of the ore value divided by 10,000. Removes negative effects like fire. Doesn't prevent ore from being accepted by a cell furnace. Can upgrade infinite times, but the upgrades become much less efficient the more you use it.. Upgrader 15+ Deadly Spore 17
Scorpium Mine Initially drops ore worth $0. Every ore after that is worth $555,555 multiplied by the number of seconds the mine is on the base, with a cap of $69.2B. Dropper 20+ --- 17
Symmetrium Mine Drops 1 ore and cannot produce another until the ore is processed or destroyed. Can drop ores up to 7 Billion. The ores can self-upgrades itself 1% 300 times while the azure flame is still on the ore, and prevents ore from being caught on fire by other upgraders. Dropper 20+ Symmetryte Mine 10
Ambrosia Fountain Processes ores depending on how long they have existed. Caps at 1 hour = 300x. Furnace 25+ Ambrosia Forest 7
Guardian of the Gate A furnace that works best when you're away from your base. x20 when the owner is is within the base, and x135 when away from the base Furnace 25+ --- 5
Scorching Heat Upgrades ore based on "temperature". 2x for flaming ore,

6x for frozen ore (upgraded by Freon Bombarder or Permafrost Refiner ), 4x normally.

Upgrader 30+ --- 10
The Fracture Raises ore to the power of 1.12 and applies a x300M multiplier to unupgraded ore. Cell Furnace 35+ --- 4
Atomium Mine Drops one ore every 0.3 seconds. Ore is worth $3.5B-$25B Dropper 50+ --- 12
Aether Refinery Processes ore at x500 their value if the ore has been upgraded by an Aether Schrodinger; Otherwise, x300 orevalue. Places a barrier for 5 seconds for every ore. Furnace 50+ --- 5
Eternal Journey A furnace that needs 1-15 seconds to process a single ore, without any other disturbances (cannot process multiple ores at the same time). If done correctly, the furnace will process the ore at x100 value. Furnace 100+ --- 10
Vampire Spore* Halves the Value of first 100 ores to go through it. 101st or recieves a multiplier of 1000x making it the strongest upgrader currently in the game Upgrader 100+ --- 1
Dragonglass Mine Remote dropper in which its orevalue will increase depending on how long the remote is activated. Compatible with cell furnaces. Remote Dropper 150+ --- 8
Gate of Eclipse Multiplies ore value by x2.8, x3.2, x6.4, or x11. Can set ore value to -$1k or add $1qd to ore value. Has a chance to fling or destroy ore. Upgrader 150+ Final Eclipse Gate 15
Breech Loader Drops 1 ores every 1/4th second. Ore is worth $100B-$900B. Dropper 200+ --- 25
Sakura Garden Processes pure ore at x300. Ores with negative effects will decrease multiplier by x25. Furnace 250+ Sakura Falls 3
Morning Star Upgrades ores by 70% up to $1NvD. Sets ore on fire. Upgrader 250+ Neutron Star 20
Blind Justice Processes ore at x560M, x630M, or x700M value, depending on the number of upgrades an ore has. Accepts ores that are regularly not accepted by other Cell Furnaces. Cell Furnace 250+ Swift Justice 7
Vulcan's Grasp* A fine point upgrader that upgrades ore starting with a base multiplier of 1.025x, which is increased depending on the amount of reborn, advanced reborn, and evolved reborn items placed down on the base, up to a maximum cap of 60x. Upgrader 500+ --- 1
Northern Lights* Processes ore up to a maximum cap of x4000 depending on how many sparkling coal ores the furnace receives. For every  25 ores processed (even non sparkling coal), the multiplier decreases by x75 down to a minimum cap of x0. One of the rarest reborn item obtainable. Furnace 1000+ Aurora Borealis 1
Igneous Forge* Processes ore depending on how much coal you can shove into it. If the charge is above x1700 then the ore is processed at a de facto x2000. Furnace 1000+ --- 3
Virtual Enhancer* Upgrades ore depending on how far the dropper of origin is located from the upgrader, upgrader caps at x30. If no dropper of origin is present, then this upgrades their ore by x1 no matter what. Upgrader 1000+ --- 3
Crystal Shrine* The item comes as "sealed" when placed down. You'll need to process ore that's been upgraded by an item that sets ores on fire, then freezed by a Freon Bombarder, and finally supercharged by a Vampire Spore or Arcane Lightning, exclusively in that order. A whopping bonus will be gladly bestowed upon you if you manage to break the seal. Furnace 1000+ --- 1
Arcane Lightning* Requires manual button clicks to activate. Each button click adds x1 to the multiplier, capping at x50. The multiplier will quickly diminish after one minute of inactivity. Can only upgrade ores once without a resetting device. Upgrader 2000+ --- 3
Nova Star* Ores that pass through boost Morning, Catalyzed and Neutron Stars by x4 for 3 seconds. Upgrader 5000+ --- 3

(* - Advanced Reborn)

Retired Rebirth Items

These Rebirth items were once obtainable, but are currently unobtainable.

Item Name Effects Item Type Life Required Time of Availability Current Item Tier
Blood Magic Normally processes ore at x20, but for every 100th ore, the furnace processes the ore at x300, and it creates 5 exact duplicates of the 100th ore, which are also processed at x300. The multiplier falls back to x20, and the process repeats. Furnace 0+


2016 Spooky Update (Part 3) Exotic
Sword God Shrine A weapon giver that dispenses the user Darkhearts. Weapon Giver 20+ Pre-Update 2.1.2

(Anti-Weapons Update)


Ultimate Items

Heads up: these items are all upgraders.

Item Name Effects Life Required Requirements Date Added
Overlord Device Upgrades ore by x10 0+ Rebirth with $1DD - $999DTG. Only 1 can be obtained per day. 06/02/2016
True Overlord Device Upgrades ore by x100 0+ Rebirth with at least $1tsTG. Only 1 can be obtained per day. 08/07/2016
The Ultimate Sacrifice Upgrades ore by chronological interaction (see Ultimate Sacrifice page) s-1 (The Ultimate Sacrifice) Perform The Ultimate Sacrifice 03/08/2017
The Final Upgrader (See Final Upgrader page) S+10 (The Second Sacrifice) Rebirth to S+10 after performing The Second Sacrifice at life s-1000. 06/10/2017
Tropical Breeze Upgrades ore by x6 0+ Skip more than 10 lives on your private island. Only 1 can be obtained per day. 29/04/2018

Slipstream-tier items

See: Slipstream

Evolved Reborn-tier items

See: Evolved Reborn


  • At one point, when changing the prices to rebirth to increase as you gain more lives, the first life was accidentally made free, followed by hundreds of rebirths announced in the chat.
  • The True Overlord Device is also obtained from Rebirth. Like the Overlord Device, It is also an Ultimate-tier. As of August 2016, This can be obtained when the player reaches $1tsTG. And when the player has the True Overlord Device, they will have the [LORD] beside them, though currently, this feature is not in use.
  • Searching "6" or "reborn" in the in-game search bar will show all the Rebirth items you currently own.
  • The Blood Magic furnace is the first, and currently only, event-only rebirth item. Some may come later on.
  • On March 30, 2017, Berezaa went through with what he said on the tweet, but buffed it up to 6 lives if a centillion cash is acquired, which is not currently possible unless a money bug is used; 1e+303 is required.
  • During a Twitch stream on April 20th ,2017, a user in the chat thought that he could keep all of this vintage items when performing The Ultimate Sacrifice but Berezaa wanted to show otherwise. So for instance, he changed his life to 100,000 to click the sacrifice button and show him that you LOSE all but some vintages when performing The Ultimate Sacrifice. What we also learned from this is that if you are on life 100,000, it will say "1.#INF" for your rebirth price. Think twice before doing many rebirths so that sake of a high life.
  • Before the Layout Update, decoration items placed on your base do not explode when rebirthing, thus stays on your base after you have reborn.
  • The explosions caused by rebirthing can blow off parts of your body, and even kill you.
  • During rebirth, you heard this sound.
  • During the Miner's Haven Dev Stream on 10/21/2018, Berezaa asked the chat what to title the new Rebirth Menu. A user named xyquad first suggested "Rebirtheroni Menueroni" as a joke, and Berezaa put it as the rebirth menu for the entire steam.

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