Research Centers are furnaces that specialize in producing Research Points (RP). They have a faster rate of RP production than that of most furnaces. Excluding the Basic Research Center, they all have a minimum threshold of their ore value or the amount of upgrades the ore has. However, they have a very poor processing multiplier compared to other furnaces of their tier, so it isn't advised to use these as means of making more money faster.

Research Center Cash Multiplier RP Incentive


Date Added
Basic x1 4RP/50 ores Common Initial Release
Proficient x1 (>$20) 6RP/45 ores Uncommon
Quantum x2 (>$300) 8RP/40 ores Rare
Complete 3x (>$1k) 10RP/36 ores Super Rare 2017 Summer Update


Fusion x5 (>21 upgrades) 40RP/100 ores Mythic 09/26/2016
Spooky x3 (>$50k) 10RP/30ores Collectible 2015 Spooky Update


Innovator's x2 15RP/100 ores Quest Innovation: Black Panther


Lucky x7 7RP/30 ores Collectible Magic Clover Event


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